Operation Slipper is Australia’s military contribution to international campaign against terrorism. The aim of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is to bring security, stability and prosperity to the region.

In September 2006, D Coy formed to commence training for the Security Task Group in Afghanistan as part of RTF2. The company continued training into early 2007. In March 2007 D Coy 1 RAR was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Security Task Group (STG) Reconstruction Task Force 2 (RTF 2) OP SLIPPER.

The company saw a wide variety of operations from local security for 3 CER to long range week patrols. All of which were conducted in a physically and mentally demanding environment. The heat of the desert highlighted the necessity for logistical support for basic items such as water.

Although the RTF’s role in Op SLIPPER was largely hearts and minds regional reconstruction, D Coy saw action on numerous occasions against a resilient and determined Taliban. TheTaliban utilised all of TTP’s available to insurgents against the STG; most notable, suicide IED’s (improvised explosive devices). On one occasion the STG was tasked with a VAP task on the Wanow Bridge. The Taliban utilised a local national child, approximately 6 years old, to mark the PI HQ as the target for the imminent suicide attack. Approximately 3 hours later, a 16 year old Pakistani male approached 12 Platoons position from the south. PTE McNab was on piquet, manning his MAG 58 when he identified the Pakistani male approaching his location. It was at this stage that he aimed his weapon at the young Pakistani male. Despite not being at his target location the suicide bomber detonated himself approximately 10m from PTE McNab. The protection afforded by the bush master and the small compound wall limited PTE McNab’s injuries to shrapnel wounds to his left arm and shoulder. PTE McNabs diligence on piquet ensured PHQ’s safety during this incident.

Fortunately no Australians were injured during the Deployment, however several insurgents were killed, many more were wounded and large quantities of weapons were confiscated. D Coy’s experience gained on OP SLIPPER is invaluable and when passed on will provide the backbone to the modern soldier’s knowledge base.

Private Joshua Raward and Private Christopher Wright perform sentry duties at the Talani School while Australian Combat Engineers conduct reconstruction work at the Talani School.

(Date taken: 18 May 2007)

An Australian soldier from 1st Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment dismounts a Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle, to fire the 84mm rocket launcher at the range in Camp Holland.

(Date taken: 31 July 2007)

An infantry section prepares for a mission into Tarin Kowt at dawn.

(L-R) Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Gallaway from Townsville-based 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment is congratulated by Lieutenant Colonel Scott Goddard from the Brisbane-based 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, on taking command of the ANZAC Battle Group. 25/3/07

Members from Townsville-based 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, as part of the Anzac Battle Group, at the change of command parade, Camp Phoenix, Dili. 25/3/07

Two soldiers maintain a watchful eye on the area. Australian soldiers maintain security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

(Date taken: 12 August 2007)

Private Troy Arthur-Miller of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, as part of the 2nd Reconstruction Task Force, scans the surrounding area for threats as a local man watches on during a patrol in Afghanistan.

(Date taken: 08 October 2007)

Chief of Operations Colonel Abdul Qadir of the 205th Corps Afghanistan Army is shown the finer points of the F88 Austeyr rifle by Major Simon Moore-WiIlton of the 1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment during a patrol in Afghanistan.

(Date taken: 08 October 2007)

An Australian soldier from 1st Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment dismounts a Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle, to fire the 84mm rocket launcher at the range in Camp Holland.

(Date taken: 31 July 2007)

Cpl Stewart Sherman
ANZAC Day 20 – 4 – 2007

D Coy 1 RAR received the following medals and commendation for its actions during this incident and others in Afghanistan;

  1. MAJ Simon Moore-Wilton, DSM, for distinguished leadership
  2. LT Glenn Neilson, DSM, for outstanding leadership
  3. CAPT Paul Sanderson, Commendation for Distinguished Service
  4. PTE Trent Ollis, Commendation for Gallantry
  5. PTE Steven Hall, Commendation for Distinguished Service
  6. SGT Craig Rienets, Commander 633 Silver Commendation
  7. CPL Steven Wood, Commander 633 Silver Commendation
  8. PTE Daniel Cornford, Commander 633 Silver Commendation

Service at the RAR Memorial Walk

Service at the RAR Memorial Walk

Pte Ben Ranaudo was KIA on the 18 July 2009 (1802152 Jul 09), during a cordon and search as part of an operation in the Baluchi Valley.

MRTF1 RSM W O 1 David Allen lowers the 7RAR flag
15 – 6 – 2009


The MRTF2 of about 670 personnel in engaged in construction and security operations in the Oruzgan Province. The MRTF2 is mainly composed of Infantry (1 RAR), Cavalry (2 CAV), and Engineers (3 CER) from the 1st battalion Task Force. The Task Force is commanded by Lt Col Peter Connolly.


The SOTG operates in support of ISAF security operations and provides security and force protection for coalition forces in the Oruzgan Province. The SOTG consists of Commandos, SASR and enabling and support personnel.

A Rotary Wing Group operates from the Kandahar Air Field.

Australian forces provided security support during the recent Afghan elections. Election Day in the Oruzgan Province was mainly without incident thanks to the dedicated training and support by the MRTF2 to the Afghan National Army.

MRTF 2 RSM W O 1 Darren Murch prepares to raise the 1RAR flag
15 – 6 – 2009

Lt Col Shane Gabriel – Lt Jacob Kleinman – RSM Darren Murch
And Brig John Caligari 8/6/09

L/Cpl Aaron Kime meets the CDF at Mirnaise
24 – 6-2009

The CDF, Air Chief Marshal Houston is met by the MRTF2 command
24 – 6 – 2009

Patrol in the Baluchi Valley
2 – 7 – 2009

Patrol in the Baluchi Valley
2 – 7 – 2009

Forward operating base Qudus
8 – 7 – 2009

Major Julian Thirkill on patrol in the Baluchi Valley
13 – 7 – 2009

Pte Geoff Shaw MRTF2 Combat Team Alpha
17 – 7 – 2009

C/T Alpha Lt Travis Peet and Cpl Ben Byrne on patrol
17 – 7 – 2009

Lt Peet, Pte Chris McNally, Pte Simon Harding
A break while on patrol near Sarab 17 – 7 – 2009

Combat Team Alpha
17 – 7 – 2009

Lt Col Peter Connolly and Capt Bradley Willis at Tarin Kont High School
13 – 8 – 2009

MRTF2 Team defeats the US Army, Netherlands Army, Slovak Army, British Army and wins the Afghanistan Skill at Arms Trophy
Cpl Bradley Sanderson, Lt Ryan Sharp, L/Cpl Mathew McNab, Sgt Henry Collins
and RSM WO 1 Darren Murch
17 – 8 – 2009

MRTF2 Commander Lt Col Peter Connolly on patrol in Sarab
21 – 8 – 2009

Australian C-17 Globemaster at Tarin Kowt
7 – 8 – 2009

Pte Luke McCloy is presented with a Bronze Commendation for outstanding professionalism and commitment to duty in a combat action by Major General Mark Kelly 12-12-2009.

 Lt Col Andrew Hocking and Mortar Team 21/1/2010

Sgt Brad Foster and WO2 Adrian Hodges in the Mirabod Valley area 29-1-2010

Lt Col Andrew Hocking


Australia Day at Camp Holland MRTF2 26-1-2010

Australian LAV on patrol 21-1-2010

Cpl David Mitchell MRTF2 31-1-2010

MRTF2 on parade 14-2-2010

RSM 1 RAR Darren Murch 14-2-2010

Cpl John Naidu 1 RAR and his section accepts an award from Major General Mark Kelly 12-12-2009

Memorial Service for Pte Ben Ranaudo and L/Cpl Matthew Hopkins – Jan 2010

IED Improvised Explosive Device

“Sarbi” Explosive detection dog and her handler David.  Sarbi was missing in action for several months, was found and returned to duty.

Private Turner was on his first deployment to Afghanistan when, while on leave, he died during a fall in Prague, Czech Republic on June 12th 2015.

Private Alex Turner sustained injuries in an accidental fall while on leave from Afghanistan. He was deployed with Bravo Company as part of Force Protection Element – Three (FPE-3) and was due to return home at the conclusion of his tour at the end of July. Alex was a popular soldier within the Battalion and had served with both Bravo Company and Support Company. He was a qualified sniper and spent time within Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Sniper Platoon prior to his Afghanistan Tour. He was also a member of the 2014 DOG Cup Section. He was single and 23 years old.

Private Turner was one of 400 Defence personnel, predominantly from Townsville’s 3rd Brigade, in Afghanistan as part of Operation Highroad.