Lt Col D.J .Hurley assumed command of the Battalion in Jan 1991. The RSM was WO 1 G Chamberlain. The year saw many exercises, including Kangaroo 92, concentrating on low level operations, Services Protected Evacuation and Amphibious Operations.

1 RAR was warned for duty in Somalia on the 17th December 1992. (See 1 RAR Campaigns)

Following the return from Somalia on the 22nd May 1993, 1 RAR recommenced routine in the ODF with exercises in High Range Training Area and Shoalwater Bay Training Area.

Lt Col D J Hurley handed over command to Lt Col R J Martin on the 14th December 1993. The RSM was WO 1 J Sales.

Swift Eagle exercises were conducted in NQ and FNQ and Kangaroo 95 was conducted in the NT. 1 RAR companies enjoyed overseas exercises to Hawaii, Rifle Company Butterworth, and to Exercise Temple Jade in Thailand.

The 50th Birthday Anniversary in 1995 was conducted in true 1 RAR fashion. The battalion maintained a strangle hold on 3 Bde sports through out the year.

Lt Col M A Kelly took over command of 1 RAR on the 14th December 1995. The RSM was WO 1 S Griffiths OAM.

Lt Col M A Kelly handed over command to Lt Col M D Bornholt on the 14th December 1997. The RSM was WO 1 M Tugwell CSM.

Lt Col J C Caligari commanded the battalion from 14th December 1998. The RSM was WO 1 S Ward.