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THere is little here on George Frederick Wootten other than the photo of him in a tent at Gallipoli. By December in his first year of war he was made Major at age 22. Of much that can be written of a brilliant strategist maligned by some armchair ‘experts’ and authors who know more of how he should have fought the NG campaign than he did…his history deserves volumes. I wrote to one of the acclaimed authors to wake him up to himself.Received no reply. I also straightened out a particularly stupid accusation in a US site…and they at least seemed to have te decency to rectify it.

My purpose initially in writing was to ask you to spell his name correctly….it is Wootten not Wooten Regards.

Correction done – Mike


Well done on a fantastic site. I found a photo of my Dad: CPL Neil Norman Hilton Parker, 9 PL Coy 1RAR, taken prior to departing Japan for Korea 1952. I’d never seen that photo before. I’d be keen to know if you have any more with him in it.
Murray Neil Parker

I joined 2pltn 1RAR 1974-1975. Joined the 1RAR band and toured Malaysia with A company in 1975. I would like to get in contact with anyone from the same period. Steve Ryznar
Steve Ryznar

Am looking for my father John Whittaker service number 2787330 toured 68/69 if some one knows him tell him his son is looking for him. Guy
Guy Whittaker

G’Day Mike, back again. in the Viet Nam 65-66 page, among the Entertainers photos, top row, third from the left, on stage with Pat (The Big Pretzel) Wordswoth is Ptes. Wayne Scott and yours truly, … ME. The photos appeared in the Post Magazine . Also, right at the bottom of the page in a small photo showing half a dozen diggers marching. Smack in the middle is Pte. John (Elvis) Priestly.
Rick O’Brien

Just got back online read about those who were in Canada 75 have photo of Mortar Pl Frobisher Bay with the cairn that we built. Will send to those who contact us. Jock
McQuaker Jock

Hi, been a few years since I visited. Big Blue. 1 RAR 1976 ish, can any one assist in contacting Jeff Bracken, c,coy 1 RAR 1976/7. Nick name STRETCH. Please contact Pete on the following email address: True Blue.
Pete Roberts

I have enjoyed reading through the home page on the internet. I served in 1RAR from Aug 1974 to March 1977 and qualified as an Admin clerk. I got out of the ARA at the end of my engagement.

Worked in the Public service for 30 years after that I was in the Tax Office and then social security.

Great to see the names Ron Jorna and Eric Gillett among the names – two blokes I had a lot of respect for.

I will join the Association in the next few days. All the very best for the future.

Thinking of you all and proud to be associated with 1RAR . “Duty First” respect to all

47975 AJ Polson

First time here. Very impressed. Found the Operations of 65-66 very interesting as they brought back lots of memories, some good, some not so good. One thing that confuses me though. It’s the photo of 6 Platoon. I was a member of 6 Plt. and not only am I not in the photo, but none of my section is either. For that matter, I don’t recognise anyone in the photo. I even checked my old photos for comparison.

Rick O’Brien


Hello Rick,
Thanks for the heads up on the photos.  I will get Peter Peddie to check for
me.  The photos could be of the platoon after we came back and all the new faces
came in.
I will be in touch.
G’Day Mike,
No worries mate. I know the old memory banks have grown a little fuzzy over the years but when I couldn’t find my ugly mug or any of the old scungies, such as Terry Loftus, Merv Kirby (Plt. Sgt.), Bruce Smith, Elvis Priestly etc., I thought I should say something.
By the way, I see that the “Scungies” are mentioned. There’s a good photo, captioned as the “Scungies” in Bob Breen’s book The First To Fight which might warrant addition.
Thanks for acknowledging my comment,
This is the first time I have read of the
history of 1RAR. It brings tears to the eyes
reading what you all went through. My
late brother Ronald served with the
Battalion 68-69 L/Cpl 1732899. 11 Ptl. D Coy.
Gordon W Salzmann



38292 Cpl Leonard Sydney “Mick” Michalowsky … 1RAR 1965/66 and 8RAR 1969/70

Mick passed away 14 July 2016.

His funeral service will be held at Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Cnr of Everingham Road and Queen Street Altona Meadows (Mel Ref 208, F J 1)

On Thursday (July 21st)  at 11:00 am.

I have been advised that Altona RSL  will conduct the RSL service.

 Mick was 1 Platoon A company 1 RAR 1965-66
Greg Decker
RAR Association (Qld)



I knew sqizzy taylor very well .did not serve in svn was transfered to 1rar after we came back with 7rar a good bloke my nick name is bozo
kenneth eaton



Great unit served in 1968 – 1969 Vietnam
5 Platoon B Coy 1 RAR
Bluey Ford Platoon Commander
Organised Coral Reunion in Broken Hill 2010
Des Kennedy



just been going through the posts and recognizing some names from the past ,it’s been awhile.I was with bravo coy in 74 with smithy, huggens,kiwi and others i can’t put a name to at the moment but transferred to mortar platoon after returning from Hawaii in time to go to Canada.had some of the best times way back then anyone who remembers can email me at
Bob Tait



Cant remember the last time i was here but was this morning reminiscing of my time in 1 RAR, 1969-1971, 1974-1978, 1984-1986 though in particular Canada (Frobisher Bay 75 due to the current weather) and decided to take a nostalgic trip through, brought back a lot of memories (all good ones) sad to see some have passed (RIP) good to some still going and posting to here, so thanks for the journey. I will definitely be back.
Dennis (Shorty) Rawlings



I am trying to find anyone who served with 217627 L/CL John Patchett. We joined up at the same time in 1967 my was 217628.
John went to & I went to 5 RAR. I head that he died in Malaya after Viet Nam.
Hope someone can help me out.
Jeffrey Dennis



215217 Pte Neville Wayne Horne finally laid to rest at Rookwood NSW. He was brought home on2/6/2016 and reinterred on 3/6/2016 , 50 years too late but a wrong finally righted.Everyone including civilians were given a very dignified welcome home in probably the largest repatriation of servicemen in Australian history.
We, his 6 siblings and extended family now have a place to visit and reflect on what might have been.Nev is now buried only 5 minutes from our Mum who never got over his death.Thank you to his 1R.A.R. mates who helped me with information memories and a beautiful bunch of photos on a sbu stick also the book of poems and other memorabilia . To those that were there on the day and those that couldn’t get there I know he was in your thoughts and rest assured he was given a fine send off .Thank You- Jan ,Bob,Gary ,Wendy, Sharon & Michele
Jan Sullivan



Hi – Is there a list of these gentleman, my grandad was one of them attached to the Airborne Brigade – we is a Queenslander, but I can’t find anything (I have heard that a lot of stuff from this time was destroyed and swept under the carpet?). “The 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, distinguished itself in the conduct of military operation in the Republic of Vietnam from 5 May 1965 to 16 May 1966 while attached to the 173rd Airborne Brigade (separate) of the United States Army. As the first ground combat unit in-country; the 173rd Airborne Brigade and its assigned and attached units conducted extensive combat maneuvers in the Bien Hoa area and in the Viet Cong strongholds of War Zone D and the Iron Triangle during the period 5 May 1965 to 4 May 1967. In every confrontation with the stubborn insurgents, the 173rd Airborne Brigade displayed marked aggressiveness which enabled them to neutralize enemy strongholds and capture thousands of logistical items. In addition to remarkable skill and tenacity in combat, the sky soldiers of the brigade carried on an extensive civic action program characterized by sincere compassion for the suppressed local populace. During each of the brigade’s combat operations, the sky soldiers immeasurably aided the allied counterinsurgency effort by winning the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people. The remarkable proficiency and devotion to duty displayed by the members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect distinct credit upon themselves, the Armed Forces of the United States, and the Armed Forces of Australia and New Zealand.” Many thanks



Came to 1RAR August 1959 whilst Bn was in northern QLD involved with Operation GRAND SLAM. Designated to Support Coy with a role with MMG Platoon. Late 1959 saw 1 RAR deployed to Malaya designated to LINTANG out some distance from SUNGEI SEPIT. Sup Coy would be later relocated to a base camp at GRIK making it the furtherest distance away from the Bn of any of the coys. This small bit of info is in reference to message ‘333’ and MIKE JORDAN.



Just dropped in to read the history.
I was Big Blue One Band 1985 – 2006
Rod Lewin



Just dropped in to read the history.
I was Big Blue One Band 1985 – 2006
Rod Lewin



Hi I am Squizzy Taylors son (ex B Coy 65’66) i am wanting to take dad back to Vietnam for a bit of father son bonding. (Bevvy drinking) I am after any info anyone may have, i.e contacts, places to stay etc. I am planning on going next year 2017. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Marty ‘Tubby’ Taylor



I was looking at some sites of 1 R.A.R. and was saddened to read that private Warren Gregory Campbell 18420 passed away 24 /10 /2013 i was a penfriend to Warren in Vietnam 1965 .
Jennifer Jill Davis Resman



First time on this site
1RAR 90-96, D Company
Troy Stephenson



an update on Darryl Lemmon, I caught up with him on Saturday 23rd Apr for an arvo of memories & a cold beer. He is in a unit & able to look after himself, he has no use of his right arm & his speech or communication skills are limited, but you can understand him as you get used to his thought pattern. I passed on a number of good will messages & he certainly appreciated them. No he isn’t on facebook. If you want to pass on any messages I don’t mind if they come via my email as i see him every 2 or 3 weeks.
regards to all
Mick Roberts



Looking for previous members of 1 RAR for the period Dec 1973 to Dec 1975.
Chris McMullen.

The email attached is of a friend who is assisting me in my endeavors.


Hi , Guys , just going through some sites trying to find others I was in Charlie Coy 8 platoon 1973 -75
Peter Horodecki


I served in A Coy from 1981 – 87,
Found the web site while hunting old memories. just a message of appreciation and respect to all who served

Ron Blyton


Agree with Richard Johns. I was a member of the Machine Gun Platoon at the time and we definitely were at Lintang before moving to Grik.
Mike Jordan


great site, DUTY FIRST

ian cullen



Anyone with information or served with John Albert Oswald Kennedy, in the 1960’s possible Malaya and Borneo. John is very sick and family attempting to find out his service history. please email me thanks for your help

George Newton


The statement by Tom Lock is correct except Sp.Coy were stationed at Lintang for a period of time before moving to Grik.Served Mortar Pl.1959-61.

Richard Johns

Served 7 Pl C Coy & Bn HQ 1959-61.

Sorry – I challenge the location of C Coy, Bn HQ & Spt Coy as shown in history. I believe Bn HQ, Adm Coy & C Coy where at Kuala Kangsa & Spt Coy was at Grik.


Thomas Lock


The source is “Duty First” by D Horner.  Will check up.

Mike Waldron


Hi i served with 1RAR 67 to 69 i enoyed my time but went back to civvies and lost touch with all i knew i stumbled across this site by pure chance. I am glad to see all the comments as they bring back both bad and mostly good memories,keep up the good work

Arthur Blom


It is with regret i have some sad news
Kevin Desmond Egan ex 1rar 1977 – 1981 passed away last week in south Qld

179402 DOB 4/8/59 – 14/01/2016

He will be Sadly missed by his wife, family and friends ,

He will be cremated today and a wake is to be held later today .

Danny Anderson


More on my search for Doug Lewis, WIA 20/9/1968.
Records show he was in 12 Platoon, D Coy. He was wounded during Operation Hawkesbury and RTA’d.
Only assuming he was called Doug, his full name was Douglas George Lewis. My mate who wants to catch up was a Sapper who had to remove a grenade from Doug’s belt so the medic could do his work.
All information will be gratefully received.
Darryl Cutting



I’m looking for Doug Lewis, who was wounded in Vietnam on 20th September 1968.
A mate of mine, who removed a grenade from Doug’s belt to make it safe so the medics could assist him, would like to make contact. My mate is unwell, which is why i am involved.


Darryl Cutting


First time I’ve seen the web site. Looking forward to learning more.

Milton Ronald Anderson


 Hello All,

I must apologize to anyone who has left a message on this site as I have now fixed the problem we had.  I am looking forward to a great 2016 and wish everyone the same.


Mike Waldron


Looking for an old mate to catch up over a beer with.
Was a Corporal in 1RAR, then went off to become a basic trainer, roughly 1997/1998. Corporal Conway, anyone know the guy, please email

: Matthew Wragg

Goodday Mike,
I just wanted to inform you that a friend of mine and others WO2 Darryl Lemmon, currently inactive but serves on DA 50 at AASAM every year and previous member of 1RAR has suffered a stroke leaving his right side of body paralysed and unable to walk or talk but understands all comms.
My name is WO1 Kieran O’Brien. I served as a regular soldier for 29 years in Infantry (started off in 2/4 RAR next door to you) and currently serve in the Reserve to assist in the delivery of the RSM Course at Canungra. If you wish to contact me my details are below. If any of your members wish to send get wells to Darryl I can pass them on through my email as he is able to receive info but he can’t talk or write at this stage.
He was a Sniper and I am sure his background is available.

He is currently in the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane in Building 7 (Rehab building) on the first floor in Ward – Bunya Place, room 6. The phone number to reception at Bunya Place is 07 3176 2356.

I would appreciate any get wells on my personal hotmail email to come to me so I can print and give them to him but Defence email is ok.

If you need any more details please ring me anytime on my mobile.

WO1 Kieran O’Brien
Mob 0407775532
Defence email –
Personal email –


Troy Simmonds


1RAR 92-96, B Company
Op Solace Somalia 1993


Liddell Charles James

Dear All,
It is with regret we pass on the sad news that Charles James Liddell
(Charlie) passed away in Hollywood Private Hospital in Perth on 3-8-15.
Charlie was posted to SASR 1965 – 71.
He will be sadly missed by his wife Judith and Sons Marcus & Stephen.
He shall be privately cremated
Messages of condolence may be sent to me for forwarding, to his family Regards Charles Stewart ASASA Nat


Raymond Boys was my father too.
I have only one photo of Ray, post war, approx 1955 Happy to share a copy Steve, you can contact me via email above Cc…to


Further to Bill Giles comment, there is an “H West”in the nominal role
appended to “The First at War”, But I can find no mention of any incident
such as that supposedly attributed to him in the text. Neither is there any
mention in “SWPA Fist Year”, the volume of the official history which covers
the period. One would have thought that such an action as this would have
been mentioned in the regimental history, if not the official history
particularly if it was thought to merit an award for gallantry. I agree
wholeheartedly with Bill’s comment about the black armband view of history.
In any case he, I and multitudes of others who have faced shot and shell
could describe many cases where actions deserving of bravery awards were not recognised. The system was not perfect [still isn’t in my humble opinion]
but I find the current fad for making retrospective awards rather demeaning.

John Dean
NX 43500 Pte Harold West served in the 2/1st Infantry Battalion and died on the 26th November 1942.  He is buried in the BOMANA Cemetery in Port Moresby
Mike Waldron

I am trying to get hold of a photo of Major James Hamilton WELCH 3961 who was working at the Officer Cadet School in Portsea in the 1960s. He was a Foundation Member of the Nepean Historical Society and they would love a photo of him to include in their 50th anniversary display. Any photo of him would be a great start.

: Murray Adams

Served in Vietnam Nam in the 173rd Airborne Divion (Separate). Paratrooper.
Stationed at Bien Hoa. Trained in Okinawa before deployment to Viet Nam.
1965/66. Returned to US April 1966.
Would like to know if any of my unit are still alive.

Marvin Edward Verner Jr


I refer to Don’s comment that Harry West was not awarded an MM because he was an aborigine. I am tired of such allegations which are unfounded and based on the black armband of thought. If Don wants assistance in tracking down Harry’s record of service then I suggest he provide detailed information of who, what, when. For example just a cursory examination of War Memorial records show 13 Harry Wests served in WW2 none of whom were members of 2/1st Infantry Battalion.

Name: Bill Giles
# 316 – Bill Giles – 07/06/2015 – 20:53 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country:

In response to Lance Pollard to check out Facebook if not done already. There are many ex 1RAR members as well as a “Big Blue One” group for you to reconnect.

Name: Ian McDougall
# 315 – Ian McDougall – 06/19/2015 – 10:53 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Aust

Hi all I served in 1RAR from mid 85 to dec 88 in D coy SFMG platoon and B coy with a trip to Malaysia in 87 looking for any old mates from those days

Name: Lance Pollard (Polly)
# 314 – Lance Pollard (Polly) – 06/15/2015 – 23:11 – City: Perth – State: Wa – Country: Australia

Harry West of 2/1st battalion 1942 should have got a MM at least but got nothing cos he was an Aboriginal???
Harry was well known on Kokoda when he went native behind the Japanese lines naked with a few hand grenades….Some of the old buggers must remember him, My dad talked of him often he was in the 2/25th.
I was assured he got the MM but the old soldier friends of Dad were wrong…
I am trying to get the underdog some recognition. Harry has his story told in the above web page :} Don

Name: don johnson
# 313 – don johnson – 06/09/2015 – 20:34 – City: Brisbane – State: Quensland – Country: Australia


A great site for a great regiment. I hope you won’t mind me looking through a lot more as I intend to set up a British re-enacting group to serve as a reminder of the regiments service during the war. I would l love to talk to anyone with any advice or old stories

Name: Mark Wolf
# 312 – Mark Wolf – 05/14/2015 – 19:25 – City: Huddersfield – State: West Yorkshire – Country: U.K

Hi Michael,

Finding Sgt Max Martin

Thank you for your assistance on the phone recently re the above subject.

I will include as much information as possible in order to help make the search easier for you.

Sgt Max Martin was my transport Sgt at 1 RAR from around late 1961 until late 1962/3. He was married to Judy and they had two children, Brian and Jane….not absolutely sure of the names of the children but reasonably sure.

They lived in the married quarters at Holdsworthy behind the military detention centre.

Max and the family were very good and kind friends to me whilst I was at 1 RAR.

In either late ‘62/’63 I was posted to HQ 1st Division at Moore Park Army barracks at the recommendation of Max in order to take up a posting as a Transport NCO driver for Brig A. McDonald who was the HQ 1 Div CO at the time.

Thank you for your preparedness to assist me with this Michael, I look forward to the search being a success and hopefully being able to renewing acquaintances with the Martin family again.

My Contact details are:

Philip McCumisky

PO Box 151

Rochester 3561.

Ph. 0408 842 800.

# 311 – m waldron – 05/08/2015 – 09:35 – City: – State: – Country:

I am pleased to find the recognition of my grandfather, Jack Charles Hayes of the 1st Battalion named in the battle of Chipilly Spur where he was awarded the DCM. As my grandfather never spoke of it to me I have found through papers left by him and finding out other information through history books what he achieved. I am very proud of him and the others in the battle of Chipilly Spur.

Helen Ruth Hayes
# 310 – Helen Ruth Hayes – 04/24/2015 – 14:27 – City: Brisbane – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Good afternoon. My names Alyssa Brook and I am searching for any information about my grandfather William Richard Brook (17994) also known as Bill Brook who served in the Vietnam war and died before I was born.

His tour dates were from 07/06/1965 to 03/06/1966 in the 1st Battalion RAR followed by 17/03/1968 to 01/10/1968 1st Battalion RAR and finally 02/10/1968 to 18/03/1969 in the Australian Force Vietnam Provost Unit.

Any information that anyone has on him would be muchly appreciated and mean a lot to me.

Thank you


Alyssa Brook
# 309 – Alyssa Brook – 04/23/2015 – 13:00 – City: Brisbane – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Thanks Tim Freeborn for informing me of the 1RAR site. I see a few names that I remember from 1971 to 1974.Always a good time in 1RAR with a few hiccups along the way.

Garry Laycock
# 308 – Garry Laycock – 04/19/2015 – 20:19 – City: Scamander – State: Tasmania – Country: Australia

I have been writing my family history book.

I have just found out that a relative Private Neil Deeney born on the 15th April 1891 Delegate NSW,

Served with the 1st Battalion 1st AIF, he embarked aboard the HMAT A55 ” Kyarra” on the 3 June 1916.

Where he went I am unsure?

But I would like to think he was one of the very proud Australian men to land at Gallipoli.

He served from the 25 Nov 1915 to 4 Nov 1916.

Sadly, he was discharged for unknown Medical Reasons.

Thank you for your informative web page, which has given me some insight into his life serving our country.

# 307 – Robyn Summerrell – 04/11/2015 – 20:24 – City: Albury – State: NSW – Country: Australia

Hi,just spoke to Peter Peddie he keeps in touch with myself and husband Ken who served 1RAR BCoy 4platoon and Coy Hq Ken did 2 tours of Vietnam and 10years in BCoy. Then went to Wagga,Mildura,green bank,Enoggera. Then retired after 23yrs. ken has Dementure, not travelling to good but still has dry sense of humour. was wonderful to check out the site and see names that we remember. Ken and maureen Martin keep up the great work.C

# 306 – Mrs maureen martinn – 04/11/2015 – 14:07 – City: Townsville – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

My Grand Father Walter Ernest Hall 1362 Wounded and returned to Australia…Can you help me with the 3rd Battalion Thomas Alexander McGuirk 911..DOW 29/04/1915 Buried at sea…His Real Name Was Daniel Jospeh McGuirk..He went under his Brother name..Alex McGuirk went in 1916 4862.
# 305 – Brent Hall – 04/06/2015 – 21:55 – City: – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I am trying to get in touch with Bryan “Jazza” Smith and his wife Jenny,nee Full.
I knew them at Terendak Camp, Malaysia and subsequently in Singapore, 1969/70. I kept in touch for some years but unfortunately have not been able to contact them either by email or post for some time. I have had mail returned from their last known address.
Can anyone help with their whereabouts?
# 304 – Gina Arymar – 04/03/2015 – 07:33 – City: Ibiza – State: Islas Baleares – Country: Spain

Really a beautiful website which help a lo of people including me. Thanks for making that good site.
# 303 – Www Prediksi Bola – 03/29/2015 – 15:18 – City: – State: – Country:

On behalf of the family of 55861 Pte Raymond James Seaborn 1 Bn RAR 9th September 1969- March 1973,

Ray passed away after a short battle with Cancer on the 19th March 2015. Rays funeral will be held at New Haven Crematorium Mackay on Tuesday 24th March 2015 at 11am.
For family details I can be contacted on
# 302 – George Newton – 03/20/2015 – 17:42 – City: Mackay – State: Queensland – Country:

have only read guestbook for 1st time and noticed names from my time in the Battalion from may 76/december79. attended the 1st reunion of the catering members at Coffs harbour and am attending at Port McQuarie this year.Look forward to catching up with past members. Regards Ned
# 301 – ned mcdonald – 03/19/2015 – 14:56 – City: Highfields – State: Choose a County – Country: Australia

Thanks for a great site, wonderful history of a proud Bn. My brother in law Peter (Pieter) Vandenberg deployed with 1RAR band first tour. Each year VVAA Victoria conducts a VV Day commemoration at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance-this year our theme is the 1RAR Battle Group deployment to Vietnam. Hoping to have reps of all AUS units who formed part of the BG as our guests on the day. regards, Bob
# 300 – Bob Elworthy AM – 03/15/2015 – 21:15 – City: Melbourne – State: VIC – Country: AUS

wanting to know if any members remember myself or who served in B coy transport in Malaya

Name: darrel Fragall
# 299 – darrel Fragall – 03/05/2015 – 17:33 – City: lancelin – State: wa – Country: australia

I’m wondering if anybody could give me any information on my dad John Belford. He was in the 1RAR deployed to Korea in March of 1954 to April of 1955. He won’t talk about the war to me and gave his medals away before I was born…..I’m now 40. Any war would be a horrible experience for anyone to endure. For my dad to give his medals away, not talk about the war, have constant nightmares….waking up yelling and not even have any involvement in ANZAC day. Something terrible must of happened to him. I want to be able to understand pain. That’s why I’m searching for any information someone might have.
David Belford

Name: David Belford
# 298 – David Belford – 02/27/2015 – 05:57 – City: Boyne Island – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

Hi I am a former member of 7RAR and 1RAR (SVN 1967/68)I am looking for an old mate of mine, Ron Duffin, Ron came from Victoria and was a member of 1RAR during the 1968-69 tour of SVN. I have been trying to locate him for years without success. If anyone knows his whereabouts, I would really like to be put in contact with him..

Name: Ross Croft
# 297 – Ross Croft – 02/24/2015 – 11:00 – City: Nannup – State: Western Australia – Country: Australia

My name is Steve Boys.. My father Raymond Moreton Boys ( 1400183 ) served in Korea from 7 th April 1952 until 24th March 1953…He Passed away on the 23 rd Dec 2010..
Just recently I have found some negatives of photos taken of his tour of Korea…
I would like to know more about his tour.. This could be possible from these negatives.. I believe he was in C Coy 1st battalion 1 RAR..
If you are interested in these negatives for the 1 RAR site I would be glad to supply them to you.. Maybe you could tell me if my father was in any of the photos..
Kindest Regards
Steve Boys

P.S. My grand father was Moreton Gillson Boys a POW ( QX 19253) in world war two .. He was taken prisoner when Singapore fell to the Japanese. He was in Camp Konan in Korea also..I have his service records but would also like to find my fathers.

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your message. I have put it on the web site.

Yes, I would like to have copies of the photos / negatives and I would include them in the history of the
1st Battalion.

I will also contact other members of 1 RAR and see if i can get any information for you.

Service records are available (for a cost) from the National Archives – Family History Section.

I am meeting some people this Friday (20th) and will ask on your behalf for any details of your Father.


# 296 – Steve Boys – 02/14/2015 – 23:03 – City: Brisbane – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

To John Coates #294
Unfortunately, Gino Terranova passed away in 2007. I remember him well as he was our A Company Medic throughout the 1 RAR second tour 68/69.
# 295 – Rod Murray – 01/20/2015 – 21:59 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country:

I am trying to locate Gino Terranova RAAMC with whom I served at RAAF base hospital at Richmond during 1967. Almost 50 years have passed since we last spoke. I have been able to locate several others with whom I served at that base including Ted Cox and Miro Zaninovich but have not yet been able to locate Gino.
# 294 – John Coates – 01/13/2015 – 16:43 – City: Redcliffe – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

i was in Support Company Recon & Mortor Pl’s, 1 RAR 1971 – 1977
If you remember me send an Email
# 293 – Fred Dale – 01/06/2015 – 09:48 – City: Churchill – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I am seeking to make contact with Boris Ornowski who served with A Coy 1RAR 1965 1966 , I was a member of A coy 1962- 1965
Bob Bellamy

# 292 – robert bellamy – 12/10/2014 – 19:39 – City: Floreat – State: Western Australia – Country: Australia

I’m trying to find Michael Sowsun, Fred Baumeister and John Quinn these three men all served with 1 RAR 2ND Tour Vietnam and were then transferred to 5 RAR to finish their tour.
# 291 – Russell Briggs – 12/08/2014 – 15:46 – City: Perth – State: WA. – Country: Aust.

In May 2015 it will be fifty years since the battalion commenced deployment to South Vietnam. Are there any plans on the drawing board to commemorate that occasion?
# 290 – Bill Giles – 12/05/2014 – 21:41 – City: North Stradbroke Island – State: QLD – Country: Australia

My Dad Bruce Bourke was in B Company 1 RAR and was involved in the Battle of Coral. I dont know a lot because he never talked about it but i know he lived it every day. My dad died on 1st March 2013 and i miss him so much. I would love to know more about him and any of his Vietnam mates. I am an artist and putting together an exhibition to honour Dad. If you knew him please let me know. Thankyou all for your bravery. Every one of you are heroes x
# 289 – Shelly Michalke – 11/15/2014 – 16:51 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Trying to reconnect with Terrence D Brown – we were penfriends, Terry was from Newcastle in around 1968 and serving in Vietnam at/around that time.

Hello Colleen,
The only soldier with the name “Terence Brown” from Newcastle had the regimental number 2786871 and served with 1 RAR 1968-69. He was a National Service soldier.

You could try the Vietnam Veterans at the Wallsend RSL Club: they may be able to help.


Mike Waldron
# 288 – Colleen Webb NEE Gleeson – 11/14/2014 – 15:30 – City: Bendigo – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Would anybody remember Syd Cheney of Bathurst, Staff Sgt 2nd/1st 6 Div ???

I am his nephew.

Hello Barry,

I don’t know if anyone has answered your question as yet.

Your uncle is mentioned several times in the 2/1st Battalion’s book “The
First At war”. We have reprinted the book for some family members
and still have a couple of copies if you are interested.

The 2/1st has about 25 men left and we (1 RAR) have given our word to look
after them and to carry on and uphold their honours and traditions.
They march every Anzac Day and we meet at the NSW Leagues Club in Phillip St
for a reunion. We also gather a couple of times for luncheons at
different clubs. When we were in Vietnam the 2/1st Battalion Association
assisted by visiting our wounded and sending small gifts to our
soldiers. They invited us to join with them as an association and we now
look after them as they once looked after us.


Mike Waldron
First Battalion Association
02 49755478
# 287 – Barry Cheney – 10/30/2014 – 20:17 – City: Mooloolaba – State: Qld – Country: Aust

I am researching for a biography on Ray Simpson VC. DCM. Ray supposedly attended a lunch on the Royal Yacht Britannia in Sydney Harbour on 2 May 1970 the day after he was decorated with the VC by HM The Queen.

By a guest list I have located at the National Archives, Corporal D J Griffiths DCM. 1 RAR attended the same function.

I would like to contact D J Griffiths (if still with us!) to ask him about his recollections of that lunch. Has anyone his contact details they can pass onto me? It would be much appreciated. Regards, Peter Lutley. NB: I served with 7RAR second tour SVN.
# 286 – Peter Lutley – 10/10/2014 – 18:55 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: Australia

To Scott Matthews #283
Perhaps you could advise on which page you noted the spelling error. It may well not have been a “silly” mistake but rather an honest mistake by a hard working volunteer. By the way, you have incorrectly noted “mistake” rather than “mistakes” in your last sentence. Cheers. Have a nice day>

Rod Murray
# 285 – Rod Murray – 09/29/2014 – 20:40 – City: Brisbane – State: Queensland – Country: Aus

Robert Bellamy Guestbook 282 . Hi Robert you requested information about “Sprinkler One”. I was on this exercise with 5 Pl B Coy 1 RAR. B Coy 1 RAR went to New Guinea in July 1964, the exercise lasted for about 30 days . The Company spent a week in Port Moresby at a place called Jacksons Airport, we were in the hills over looking Port Moresby.

The Company was then split in two and we went up to Vimeo on the Indonesia New Guinea Border .The locals were very nervous of us as we were the first White soldiers they had seen since the War. The Company was issued with live ammunition.

If you require names or any further information about “Sprinkler One” please contact me on 03 95805346 or M 0412633308
# 284 – Bill Williams – 09/29/2014 – 16:19 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “association” as “assocation” on your website. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistake off my website.

-Scott Matthews Sr
# 283 – Scott Matthews – 09/26/2014 – 17:04 – City: Farmingdale – State: New York – Country: USA

# 282 – robert bellamy – 09/25/2014 – 20:21 – City: perth – State: western australia – Country: australia


My name is Rohan Williams and I am the Great Grand Nephew of Lt Russell Frederick Hodge 514 originally of D Company who sailed with the 1st Battalion in October 1914.

I am piecing together the history of our family’s involvement in the military sinse that time. We have been blessed as, of five family members who have served in both the first and second world wars, all have returned.

I was wondering how I might secure some digital copies of photos of D Company at Mena Camp, Egypt, 01/01/1915, 1st Battalion on Lemnos, and the Role Call of D Company at Hell Spit on the day of the Anzac Landing.

I am in the early stages of putting all of the history together and would dearly appreciate any advice on researching in detail the personal service records of our family members.

Kind regards,

Rohan Williams.

Hello Rohan,

There are several areas where you can research history at no cost to you. The Australian War Memorial, National Archives (register as a researcher), State archives (NSW is the best as most ships left from Sydney) and association sites.

I would suggest that you start by typing in: photos 1st battalion australia, hit search and opening up the photo site. This can lead you to hundreds of photos, which have leads to different pages (visit page). You will then start collecting information / photos / dates, which when collated will start you in the right direction.

I do have some of the photos you are looking for so if you have trouble please contact me and I will assist in any way I can.


Mike Waldron
First Battalion Association
02 49755478
# 281 – Rohan Williams – 09/22/2014 – 11:47 – City: ORANGE – State: NSW – Country: Australia

my name is denis baker. mr ned somers is my neighbour.i’m his gardener.his wife died recently from I help him out as much as I can.during breaks in the day, he often recounts his memories of his time spent in Vietnam with the 1rar,his mates, some of whom met,indeed this computer was given to him by his mates to stay in touch,but he prefers the phone,so I boughtit off him. he told me to visit your site and type in his name and I could learn more about his tours in this classified stuff, I don’t seem to be able to pin point his story.
denis baker.

Hello Denis,

Ted was in 6 platoon, B company 1 RAR 1965 – 1966.

The web site gives an overview of the operations and conditions during that period. Some people are mentioned by name but not many.

The history of the battalion during that period is in the book “First to Fight” by Bob Breen

Can you tell me how he is doing and if he needs help also where he is living.

Thank you,

Mike Waldron

hello mike,

thanks for the prompt reply. yes, ned, as he is known around here,is keeping well and in good shape,has two dogs, walks them most days,i call to him most Wednesdays and do whatever he needs doing.he went through a bad patch after his wife(betty) died about 4 years ago,it nearly killed him,but he’s good now,strong in mind and body,better than me I reckon.financially ned is in good shape,nice house,keeps himself and house very clean.he lives as I do in the village of ‘camolin’. co wexford. rep of Ireland.
Hope this helps you. denis baker
# 280 – denis baker – 09/12/2014 – 04:27 – City: camolin – State: wexford – Country: ireland

36337 T/Wo2 Parrello Antonino (MID) 30 1-Feb-68 1-Feb-68 AATTV (RAINF) Botany Cemetery. NSW
# 279 – Luke – 08/30/2014 – 17:00 – City: Canberra – State: – Country:

I just read on the 2nd tour of Vietnam page regarding Op Nowra that a WO2 Parrello died on that Op in Ba Ria. Either this must be a close relative,or your information is skewed as WO2 Parrello was killed in Baria on 1st February while with A/3RAR. Interested in your feedback

Hello Luke,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I have made a mistake with Tony. He was killed when a RPG fired at a track hit him and killed him and the men with him. The track commander was blown out of the vehicle and survived.

This was at Baria with A Coy 3 RAR during the TET 68. I have read the after action report from 3 Cav and the US Government report on the death of their people.

The pity of this was that Tony should have been on a plane home and he never got to see or hold his son.

Thanks again,

Mike Waldron
First Battalion Association
02 49755478
# 278 – Luke – 08/30/2014 – 16:59 – City: Canberra – State: – Country:

Attempting to contact Bill Giles D company 65-66
# 277 – Bob Kirby – 08/18/2014 – 14:39 – City: Central Victoria – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Just had phone call from Alec Wallace(Billy Jack)at Quilpie.Under medical treatment at this stage his phone no is available from me at 07 47230485.We remember him at his peak at Frobisher Bay Baffin Island Canada Sept 1975.He needs our support at this point of time.Thanks Jock
# 276 – Jock McQuaker – 08/02/2014 – 15:35 – City: Townsville – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Very surprised and disappointed at the lack of interest & enthusiasm in a 50th reunion/ 70th birthday celebrations in 2015, no wonder Mike has cancelled everything,
Tom, Mor. Pl. 65-66.
# 275 – Tom Gosper – 07/22/2014 – 06:57 – City: Campbelltown – State: NSW – Country: oz

Very surprised and disappointed at the lack of interest & enthusiasm in a 50th reunion/ 70th birthday celebrations in 2015, no wonder Mike has cancelled everything,
Tom, Mor. Pl. 65-66.
# 275 – Tom Gosper – 07/22/2014 – 06:57 – City: Campbelltown – State: NSW – Country: oz

Just had a look on the site, interested to see some names from pop up the early 80s. Esky, Roodog, Wally. Where are all those guys today?
# 273 – Darren – 06/27/2014 – 12:44 – City: Sydney – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I was at FSB Coral for the first 7 days as a Crewman with 9 Squadron RAAF. We were deployed to the area on the morning of the 13th May and were lucky to get the aircraft out when the mortars hit in the second attack. An RPG hit the tree directly behind our aircraft.
We resupplied everything wanted and Medevac’d countless wounded and KIA’s, including POW’s to Ben Hoi
Why is it that the RAAF is never mentioned in “any” description OF Coral and Balmoral?
# 272 – Geoff Clark – 06/09/2014 – 21:17 – City: Adelaide – State: South Australia – Country: Australia

I am seeking the contact details of 42698 PTE James Angus Lang or those of his family. PTE Lang served with 1 RAR in Vietnam from 27 May 65 to 5 Feb 66.
Other than the Vietnam War Nominal Roll the only other reference I can find to him is this story:

I have his SVN medal which I would like to return to him or his family.

Yours in service,
Glyn Llanwarne
Lost Medals Australia

Contact has been made and the medal returned
Thank you Glyn

Mike Waldron
# 271 – Glyn Llanwarne – 06/07/2014 – 10:56 – City: Canberra – State: ACT – Country: Australia

Hi. My father Jim Moyle Aka (chalkie) served in Vietnam in 65-66 and then 68. Retired from Army as RSM in late 1980’s. He died of leukaemia 1st May, 1992. Sadly missed by his wife Brigid, two daughters Donna and Nadean and his only grandchild Aislinn. Anyone who knew my dad or served side by side in Vietnam, please get in contact
# 270 – Donna Moyle – 04/29/2014 – 19:59 – City: Brisbane – State: QLD – Country: Australia

The exercise mentioned in the 1 RAR History is incorrect. The correct name of the Exercise was TREBLE CHANGE not TREBLE CHARGE.

Please visit:
# 269 – Peter Adamis – 04/13/2014 – 06:32 – City: Watsonia – State: VIC – Country: Australia

Just wondered if you have a Adrian Gay(e) on your books. A mutual friend passed away last week and I wanted to let him know.

044 777 2576
# 268 – Col Bishop – 04/11/2014 – 10:46 – City: Upper Caboolture – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Steve Todd I was in Butterworth with A Coy in June 1975. Dont remember your name. I broke my leg about 3 weeks into the tour playing Aussie Rules against the RAAF’ies.
# 267 – Bob Patterson – 03/29/2014 – 00:24 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: Australia

Just having a look after serviing with 1RAR in 1971. Undertook pre deployment training and then just waited out time after the government of the day ceased sending troops to Vietnam. Still hold a soft spot.
# 266 – Wayne Jeffries – 03/26/2014 – 15:06 – City: Adelaide – State: Soth Australia – Country: Australia

Nice website thanks
# 265 – Alen – 03/17/2014 – 21:29 – City: Dallas – State: Tx – Country: USA

my dad is Graeme bones stevens
and this site is fantastic my dad was in the battle of coral
he has dementia now and cant tell you my name but he remembers every detail of the Vietnam war
he has always had a real love of 1rar
# 264 – tracey dean – 03/03/2014 – 22:17 – City: liverpool – State: nsw – Country: australia

Great website – Happy to have worked with the lads over the last few years and now looking after them in kit department. Website is a great way to keep informed. Keep Up the great job! – John www.ActionGear.Com.Au
# 263 – John – 02/16/2014 – 21:49 – City: Adelaide – State: SA – Country: Australia

For those who may be interested, my mother (a US 173d Airborne Bde gold star mother) passed away yesterday – 10 February 2014. My brother, her son, was 2412151 PTE W. L. Nalder was KIA in SVN in 1965.
# 262 – Peter Kelly – 02/11/2014 – 11:50 – City: Gordon – State: New South Wales – Country: Australia

I served in 1RAR from august 1974 to March 1977 and served with some really great blokes and some who were very unique (in their own way). I started off in B compamy and then to BHQ as a clerk. I joined the ARA staff of 3RNSWR in Canberra in 1977 and got out at the end of my 6 years in Dec 1979. I then did 30 or so years in the public service. The other night I was thinking about that character David Boswell – I last saw him in 1979 at Kapooka (no he wasn’t an instructor he was on the ground staff!) I also served with Geoff Chatfield, Allan Whelan and WO1 BH Cox MBE was the RSM – he was an unforgettable character.
# 261 – Tom King – 02/03/2014 – 21:22 – City: Canberra – State: ACT – Country: Australia

Hi, just to let you know the date on the ACoy photo is 87 not 84. It was the last photo we had in Greens.
I’m in the photo and I didn’t get to 1 till 1986.
# 260 – Mac – 01/06/2014 – 18:26 – City: – State: – Country:

A suggestion for the reunion in 2015, that 5Bn be included in the invitations, Tom.
# 259 – tom gosper – 01/04/2014 – 07:56 – City: campbelltown – State: nsw – Country: aus

Doug 230 on the 08/18/2013 was looking for information on Neville Wayne Horne 1RAR Vietnam 1965/1966. I served in B Coy with Nev and he was in 4Pl and I was in 5 Pl Nev was killed on the first day of operation Crimp in the Ho Bo Woods now know as the Cu Chi , I returned to the site where Nev was killed in 2011 in is now a War memorial to all the VC WITH MORE THEN 1 MILLION VISITORS A YEAR Nev was a great member of 1 RAR and a fine soldier . regards BILL WILLIAMS
# 258 – bill williams – 12/31/2013 – 11:59 – City: melbourne – State: victoria – Country: australia

Saw the message from roger(tony) harris, tom gosper here, if you are still in oz, send an e-mail to
# 257 – tom gosper – 12/27/2013 – 08:10 – City: campbellton – State: nsw – Country: aus

hi guys
I have been doing some research on 1st Battalion 65-66 and even though I don’t know any of you, have met a couple of 1st battalion vets at ANZAC day marches, my husband and I would like to wish you, your wives and families all a very merry and good Christmas and a great 2014. I also thank those of you who sat for hours being interviewed by Australians at War staff, I have read all those given by 1st battalion 65-66 and 68-69, thank you for those transcripts, they are straight from the heart and help in our understanding of the war in Vietnam. everyone of you is a hero, always was, always will be.
sorry to hear of the sad passings of so many of your digger mates.
thank you once again, I can’t thank you enough, you are amazing, just amazing.
Dorothy and bob duke.
# 256 – dorothy duke – 12/20/2013 – 07:05 – City: Narromine, – State: NSW – Country: Australia

merry christmas and a happy new year to all
# 255 – bob graham – 12/19/2013 – 20:08 – City: bribie island – State: QLD – Country: australia

Just letting anyone that didn’t know dad, Mick Graham, who served A company 65-66 passed away in early November. Was unexpected and just a big thank you from all the support our family has received by the 1RAR family he will be sorely missed.
# 254 – Sherry – 12/06/2013 – 20:35 – City: coolum – State: Qld – Country:

I had the honour of fighting alongside 1RAR members on 22 Aug 1968 at Long Dien SVN. It was a long, tough day – but a good outcome.

I would love to hear from any 1RAR member that was also there.


Barry Diwell
ex Trooper
3 Troop
C Squadron
1st Armoured Regiment
# 253 – Barry Diwell – 11/27/2013 – 12:26 – City: Melbourne – State: Vic – Country: Australia

Very well presented great site
# 252 – Warren Young – 11/25/2013 – 00:46 – City: Brisbane – State: Queenslamd – Country: Australia

I have sad news to share.

James ‘Snowy’ Bollard passed away last week.
he was a Veteran of the Battle of Coral and very proud 1RAR man.

R.I.P Snowy…. you will be missed by many.
# 251 – Bob King – 11/24/2013 – 22:07 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: Australia

8pl c. coy the body snatchers
# 250 – graham dungey – 11/13/2013 – 21:14 – City: adelaide – State: sth australia – Country:

I am writing to seek information as to whether my father served in the 1st RAR. He is currently terminally ill and has only disclosed this recently but not to me personally. I cannot find any record in the rolls but when I type his name into google this site comes up. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could assist me. I can be contacted at
# 249 – Emily – 11/10/2013 – 19:46 – City: – State: – Country:

Gidday Lads just wondering if you could add us to your links page as we have done for you. Thanks. Gary
# 248 – Gary Jiear – 11/10/2013 – 19:38 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Aust

Excellent website. Last night French National TV Channel 2 broadcast a tribute I made to my grandfathers cousin Private Joseph Toby Sanderson 1101, Lewis gunner, KIA 9/4/1917 at Demicourt, on crossroads to Hermies. Toby was Ist Battalion AIF. Using unit diaries and Red Cross I found the spot where he was killed by a 77mm Shrapnel shell ay 09.45 am. His name is on the missing wall at Villers Brettoneux Australian War Cemetery. I put a wooden tribute on a post to Toby and a Heather plant in honour of his Scottish girlfriend of the same name whom he planned to marry and return with to Australia. Toby was wounded twice at Gallipoli and once more in France in 1916 before his death in 1917 in the attack on Demicourt, one of the 3 villages to take before the advance on the Hindenburg line.
I also have the medals and war story of my fathers cousin Captain A Gwyeth Sanderson of the 2/1 Australian Infantry KIA 23/10/1942 on the Kokoda Trail in PNG, surrounded by 10 enemy Japanese, fallen to his Smeisser SMG brought back from the North African campaign.
# 247 – Robin Sanderson – 11/10/2013 – 18:38 – City: paris – State: – Country: France.

Hi Jock, I did send you an email.
Val here..Bob caught up with Boomer,Mick Wayne and Alec Kerr about 5yrs ago in Perth. They all live over here. I don’t have an address though but I have phone numbers for the guys.
Cheers Val.
# 246 – Bob King – 11/08/2013 – 15:59 – City: Perth – State: W.A. – Country: Australia

SVN 65-66, 68-69, regular army. Discharged SGT mfc A coy.
Been living in the USA,I have American citizenship via an American father. I have a son and family here in Australia, so I will stay for a while.
# 245 – Roger [ Tony ] Harris ] – 11/07/2013 – 14:21 – City: Coffs Harbour – State: NSW – Country: Australia

Trying to track down “Big Boomer” Anderton last seen hospital Adelaide 1983.Please contact Jock McQuaker via
Thanks for contacts over last couple of months-great site.
# 244 – John McQuaker – 11/07/2013 – 12:55 – City: Townsville – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Great site. Served in 2 pl A Coy Sept 1971 to Jan 1973. One of the best times in my life. Made some great mates that I would like to catch up with.Very proud to have served in 1 RAR.
# 243 – Gerald (Jerry) Southward – 11/03/2013 – 22:32 – City: Townsville – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

As a Life Member of the First Battalion Assoc since the early 1990’s, this is the first time that I have actually checked out your Web Site and I must say it is a great site indeed, it has bought back a lot of memories of my time with A Company 1RAR from 1963 – 1966 that included a tour of Vietnam in 65/66.
I can be contacted through Email it would be excellent if I hear from people that I worked alongside during those dates.
# 242 – Colin Butterworth – 10/26/2013 – 15:00 – City: Hastings – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I invite all member of 1RAR both current and former who served in te 1st battalion to join our Facebook group. I have had this running for some time now and it now has almost 1100 members. It is for anyone who was posted to te first battalion, be they infantry or not. It is mostly younger fellas with many current members attached to the site. It is it political in any way, shape or form and any posts that are offensive, derogatory or demeaning to anyone, member or not, are deleted. All of us younger fellas (I served in the 90’s) would love to get some of our more senior members from te early days of the battalion involved. I am also trying to link with this page. I am sorry, but this site is only for members of the big blue one only. If ou wish to join, there is no cost, you must have a Facebook account and search grips for 1RAR (The Big Blue One). It is not meant to replace a site or organisation like this, just provide a better means of communication and allow any former members to catch p with old mates. We are also enquiring as to what the 1RAR association can do for members as well.

Cheers and duty first.


# 241 – Andrew Boyd – 10/20/2013 – 12:55 – City: Kalgoorlie – State: Western Australia – Country: Australia

G’day Macca and Wally,there is a site on facebook called the big blue one that has a lot of ’80s diggers on.
# 240 – mike snee – 10/17/2013 – 20:56 – City: vasse – State: western australia – Country: Australia

I am saddened to see the passing of a friend. As a Corporal Arty FO from B 3/319th I served with “Lou” in 1RAR in 65-66 on a few ops. Please pass on my condolences to his family.
Airborne all the Way
C. “Pappy” Patchin, LtCol (Ret)
# 239 – Charles “Pappy” Patchin – 10/17/2013 – 15:28 – City: Latrobe – State: Pennsylvania – Country: USA

Just to let others know of the passing of Ex Pte Steven J.Obrien 1977-81, 06 Oct 2013 after a short battle with cancer.
# 238 – noel green – 10/07/2013 – 18:34 – City: TOWNSVILLE – State: QLD – Country: AUSTRALIA

Hi Jock McQuaker, Bob’s missus here.
If you have an email address can you send it to us please?
Ours is

Cheers Val King
# 237 – Bob King – 10/06/2013 – 16:06 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: Australia

Served in 1RAR from 72-75 b company and recon plt. saw some names I remember in Jock Mcquaker and Bob King,fond memories of my time in first battalion .
email address Feel free to drop me a line cheers.
# 236 – Tim Freeborn – 10/04/2013 – 20:18 – City: Adelaide – State: S.A. – Country: Australia

Bob King.Great to hear that you are around.Please ring 0747230485 have news for you re Paluma events.
# 235 – Jock McQuaker – 10/03/2013 – 16:59 – City: Townsville – State: Qld – Country: Au

I am trying to obtain a copy of a letter Major Colin Adamson sent to a Major H.L Bell, dated 15 May 1968. I am writing my history thesis at the University of Wollongong on the Battle of FSPB Coral and would like to include a copy of the letter. I know Major Adamson has passed away, but if anyone is able to help it would be greatly appreciated.
# 234 – Mark Jamieson – 10/03/2013 – 15:54 – City: Wollongong – State: NSW – Country: Australia

# 83 – Jock McQuaker

Bob says ‘Hi’ mate. 1 RAR 72-78.
# 233 – Bob King – 09/30/2013 – 19:01 – City: Perth – State: W.A. – Country: Australia

Looking to make contact with Lt WJ Giles, he was a platoon with 1RAR in Vietnam 1968, believe he rose up the ranks over the years. Have an boyhood friend that would like to make contact with him, story goes that one day they made their own pipe gun, pity about the next doors fence. Please contact me on
# 232 – George Newton – 09/26/2013 – 14:04 – City: Mackay – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Great site,I served with 1RAR in 70/71 Admin then A Coy then onto SASR 1 Sqdn I remember great times and great nights in Singapore and Penang, so many memories and great mates,It was also a suprise to see Chris Osborn has posted been trying to track you down for so long old mate cheers to all past and present members.
# 231 – Chris Beer – 09/26/2013 – 00:58 – City: Coral Cove – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

I was with B Coy 6RAR 69/70, my wife’s brother 215217 Pte Neville Wayne Horne, KIA 8 Jan 1966, she would like to know which coy he was in? as there is some confusion at the present time. regards Doug
# 230 – Doug – 08/18/2013 – 10:17 – City: Eagleby – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

I served with 1RAR 91-92 in Delta and Admin Coy.Best Bn in the Regt.I saw names on this site I have not seen in years. Lost touch with a lot of mates since I retired in 2002.
# 229 – Peter Hugues – 08/01/2013 – 14:42 – City: Curra – State: QLD – Country: Australia

R.I.P. Sgt Chislet. My platoon Sgt. during IETs Infantry Centre 1978. Sad to hear of his passing. Will always remember and honour him. Doogs
# 228 – Ian McDougall – 07/29/2013 – 16:03 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Australia

just found out john chislet passed on rest in peace lest we forget
# 227 – bob graham – 07/25/2013 – 15:03 – City: bribie island – State: qld – Country: australia

Have just finished reading the comments. What a great site. I was with 1 RAR between 1962 – 1968. Started off with D Coy and then moved on to Tpt. Platoon. Was with Tpt. Plt. in Vietnam 65-66. Hope you are all well.
# 226 – Mick Howe – 07/22/2013 – 20:47 – City: Sunshine Coast – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

Just read some names that take me back, roodog esky elbow. The 80s tuff hard soldiers.
# 225 – Macca – 07/13/2013 – 20:25 – City: – State: – Country:

Hi all, just had a look around and remembered quite a few names in the guest book. 4pl B Coy 82 – 88 the good times
# 224 – Shane Wallis (Wally) – 07/10/2013 – 09:26 – City: Sunshine Coast – State: QLD – Country: Australia

I previously got in touch with you but didn’t leave my email address. I am looking for my uncle Jack Ronald Bunnett who served in 2/21st battalion. His brother were Robert Keith and Donald Hugh. He had an alias which makes it doubly difficult to find. He was born June 1912.With thanks in anticipation. Bev Devine
# 223 – bev – 06/22/2013 – 12:36 – City: nathalia – State: victoria – Country: australia

Website very informative. I’m trying to track down an uncle James Kenneth Driscoll aka William Henry John Edwards who joined 2/1 Machine Gun Battalion in 1939 and served in Europe, New Guinea and Borneo until discharge in 1945. I have his service record but does anyone have photos or other info about the battalion they can share?
# 222 – Adrian Howells – 06/06/2013 – 05:58 – City: Aberdare – State: Wales – Country: United Kingdom

Dear All,

My name is Luke Scholes, I am currently conducting research for a possible documentary project based on Peter Dennis O’Neill who served with the 1RAR as a Gunner in Vietnam in 1968 (27/03/1968 – 14/08/1968). As some of you may know Peter sadly passed away two years ago. I am hoping to hear from anyone who knew Peter prior to, during, and after his time as a soldier in Vietnam. I am also seeking assistance to contact Peter’s family members, particularly his niece Kimberly.

As some of you may know, later in life Peter documented his experiences in Vietnam through art. Peter’s extraordinary body of work will be the focus of this documentary. His many paintings and drawings tell not only his story but that of his fellow soldiers from the 1RAR. The story of the 1RAR in Vietnam needs to be told by the soldiers who were there, and in Peter’s sad absence it is those who remain that I need to hear from. I am particularly interested in speaking with soldiers who were involved in the Battle of Coral, which seems to be a conflict in Australian war history that lacks the exposure it deserves. Whilst it is difficult for me to confirm, it would seem that this battle was drawn upon for use in Peter’s art. If you were involved in this particular conflict and you are interested in sharing your story I would like to hear from you.

Peter apparently gifted a number of paintings and drawings to mates of his he made in Vietnam. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of Peter’s artworks I would greatly appreciate your letting me know. I also need your assistance collating as much imagery as possible, whether it be photographs, footage, paperwork or anything else visual that I might be able to possibly include in this project.

I understand that it is difficult for many Veteran’s to discuss and share their experiences. It is not my desire to upset any individuals or seek the involvement of anyone who is not interested in sharing their experience with me. I come to you in good faith, with a genuine desire to, with the upmost respect, gather information that has the potential to reflect part of the experience of Australian soldiers in Vietnam.

Please note that my research is in its very early stages. These projects take a very long time to develop. I currently have no funding and I am working alone, using my own funds to research this project. I welcome anyone who feels they may be able to contribute to write to me on the email address provided below. Please feel free to pass my message amongst your networks and on to anyone you think may be able to assist.

Thank you to all of you in advance,

Luke Scholes
# 221 – Luke Scholes – 05/29/2013 – 19:25 – City: – State: Northern Territory – Country:

G’day all,

Great to see such a well kept site. Couple of old names I remember in here, will be come back for a long again soon,

Steve Brown,D coy 81-83
# 220 – Stephen H Brown – 05/27/2013 – 18:45 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: Aust

Ah brings back memories. I joined the Battalion in Singapore in 1970 and jumped ship in 1978 (went to B3) having worked with A Coy, Spt Coy (Trackers, Mortars) then back to A Coy as section come.
Loved my time with the Bn.
# 219 – Chris Osborn – 05/24/2013 – 10:07 – City: Canberra – State: ACT – Country: Aust

Hi all, served with C coy 1 RAR from 1976 to 1978 before being posted to Melbourne on our return from Butterworth. Great mates and great times. Leon Gilliam, Bill Prior, Aundre Affendi, Jeff Bracken (streatch). can be contacted on email. Take care all.
# 218 – Pete Roberts (Robbo) – 05/14/2013 – 12:06 – City: Frankston – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Great site ,lots of familiar names and memories.
# 217 – Mick Oldfield – 05/09/2013 – 10:13 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: AUS

Hope you can help me, I have a US Marine Corps friend that met a First Battalion Warrant Officer out of Danang, RVN in 1965. The Warrant Officer’s first name was Ralph, he would catch flights on our C-130 VMGR 152 to various places in Vietnam as well as a couple R&R flights to Bankok in 1965. He would just walk in nad then back into the bush. Any Help will be Appreciated
1Sgt. Bob Milby
# 216 – Robert G. Milby – 05/07/2013 – 08:49 – City: Carson City – State: Nevada – Country: USA

I am looking for any Military Records for my Uncle Jack Ronald Bunnett – 2/1st battalion. He was born 30.6.1912 and died 22.6.1968. I have his brothers records but cannot find his anywhere. I think he had an Alias so that makes it doubly difficult to trace. His brothers were Robert Keith and Donald Hugh (my Dad).I am compiling a family history and his records are the last that I need. His father was Francis Roland Bunnett and mother Elizabeth Amelia (McNally).

Thanking you in anticipation.

Bev Devine
# 215 – Beverley Devine – 04/29/2013 – 11:02 – City: Nathalia – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

2786313 Private Errol John Bailey KIA 13 May 1968.
I am the Director of Ceremonies for the Newcastle & Hunter Region Vietnam Veterans. At our Vietnam Veterans Day to be held on the 17th August we will be profilling the life of Errol. I seeking the assistance of members who served with Errol to help us do a profile of his life. Please contact me at
# 214 – Stephen Finney – 04/29/2013 – 10:59 – City: Newcastle – State: NSW – Country: Australia

Proud to have served with the Bn 70-75. Charlie and Spt Coy’s. Andy Pring and others can contact me via:
All the best to Diggers (both past and present) of the First Bn RAR.
“Duty First”.
# 213 – Mick Olsen – 04/28/2013 – 22:04 – City: Yeppoon – State: QLD – Country: AUSTRALIA

Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me research my great uncles war files. I have his record unlocked from the NAA, but I do not understand the writing, nor do I follow uniform colours and emblems etc. I think I have seen him appear in a couple of photos but can never be certain. He was a POW from Crete and was located in Oflag 3c/0 and then moved to Stalag 343. I would really really appreciate any help someone can give as I would love to be able to honour him along with my great grandfather and be proud of both their time in war. I would also love to be able to help identify either of them in any photos that may have been taken, however I am not good at facial comparisons nor interpreting uniforms. Both my Great Grandad and Great uncle seem to have been Sargents but due to not being able to interpret the war file writing I can not confirm that.
if you are willing to help a very lost family historian piece together our scattered history please contact my via email at
Thank you heaps.
# 212 – Charmaine – 04/24/2013 – 22:25 – City: – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Chris Coutts Tugun Qld re Stanley Buttenshaw
please email Glenda
# 211 – Glenda Miller – 04/20/2013 – 21:50 – City: REDBANK PLAINS – State: QLD – Country: Australia

I need to purchase a unit woven patch, can you assist. My contact is 0425555214
# 210 – Gregory Mansbridge – 04/09/2013 – 21:39 – City: Sydney – State: NSW – Country: Australia

It’s nice to see the input of information by present and ‘recent’ past members of the Regiment. As the Bn and Regiment motto implies ‘DUTY FIRST’ so does what one read in the GUESTBOOK about the way members present and past still try to maintain an everlasting contact with their fellow mates of the Regiment especially 1RAR.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve with the Battalion on their return from “EXERCISE GRANDSLAM’ in Nth QLD after doing recruit training with 4RAR [TRG BN] INGLEBURN N.S.W in late 1958 to mid 1959

On being posted to the Battalion I was slotted into a position within Support Coy and subsequently end up in MG Platoon[VICKERS MG} which intern was spilt into 3 Sections

Late 1959 saw 1RAR put on ‘notice’ of an impending posting to move to MALAYA to carry out ‘counter insurgent’ operations against Communist Terrorists who apparently were situated in the Nth of the MALAYAN PENISULAR.

The ‘BULK” of the Battalion was shifted to SINGAPORE [HOLDING AREA} on the ship MV FLAMINIA in preparation for taking over from 3Bn RAR on the expiration of their ‘tour of duties’ involvement.

With a period of acclimatisation in SINGAPORE coming to an end I as well as the rest of the Battalion once again faced another move and this was to the BRITISH controlled JUNGLE TRAINING CENTRE in the southern province of JAHORE BAHRU, MALAYA.

Having done two ‘STINTS’ of JUNGLE TRAINING at CANUNGRA whilst doing recruit training with 4 RAR the ‘METHOD’ of what were about to go through would encompass more than we expected. The level of expectation from each soldier of the Battalion was far greater than one had expected. Time spent there even though it was very arduous and demanding prepared everyone in the BATTALION for what was very essential for all to boost our chances of survival when it became the time to put into practice all the ‘SKILLS’ we would ultimately need.

Completion of JTC training now meant the Battalion was once again on the move and heading further North up the MALAYAN PENISULAR into areas that had ‘previous been occupied by members of 3Bn RAR’

The bulk of the Battalion would be situated in barracks at KAULA KANGSAR, including one RIFLE COMPANY, the others were to be ‘camped’at SUNGIE SEiPUT,LINTANG and LASAH.

Time being the ‘ESSENCE’ all COYS were soon moving into ‘ACTIVE PATROL’ mode with the least amount of down time lost.Our area of active SEARCH and PATROLLING was some distance away in the Nth PROVINCE of PERAK. For this we had to arrive at a forward staging at an area just outside a small [then] town called GERIK [GRIK. This became a dispersion/receiving point for all troops in and out of Patrol work It was the point where by you had transport ongoing to your area of responsibility either by motorised longboat on the rivers or by helicopters or fixed wing aircraft that were capable of landing on roughly prepared Jungle Airstrips [Single andTwin Pioneer Stol aircraft] Aircraft.

Eventually after a period of time SUPPORT COMPANY was relocated to GRIK where it spent the rest of its active patrolling time from there.

Approximately ten to twelve weeks prior to the BATTALION return to Australia and to the HOLSWORTHY BARRACKS, the Battalion as one moved to British Army Barracks on the Island of PENANG. It was here that one realised that their ‘tour of duty’ was near completion and going home to AUSTRALIA was fast approaching

The day of leaving PENANG by ship one realise that a full circle had taken place because the Battalion replacing us had disembarked only a few days before handing in SINGAPORE and was now ready to take us back home [AUSTRALIA] to our families and friends

Our arrival back in SYDNEY was not log before CHRISTMAS 1961.Just in time for most of the BATTALION to have LEAVE before beginning another cycle of TRAINING for what ever events may occur in the future. PENTROPIC was talked about and acted on in 1962. Then VIETNAM became the ‘talking point’. AATTV came into ‘action’ and thus in the mid 60’s 1RAR was once again involved in a far different situation to that of MALAYA. VIETNAM will and was to become a more difficult action than what had in the past.

Because of personal reasons and some differences with obtaining the right outcome from authorities within the BATTALION I choose not to continue my service life with 1RAR. A CORPS changing posting persuade,it was granted and a move to MELBOURNE took place.

This is where I completed my 21 years of service in RAAOC.

To all members present and past of ONE BATTALION. THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN REGIMENT, I congratulate all of you for all of your dedication to the service.

My time in MALAYA falls into ‘nothing’ compared to what is happening around us today. To those still with the BATTALION and are keeping us all safe even though you are all putting your lives ‘on the line’ I with many other thank you all sincerely


# 209 – Edwin {EDDIE] BARTON – 03/20/2013 – 23:24 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

10pl D coy 86-89 Great reading the posts and some names from the past great times in 1RAR
# 208 – Jeff Bowen – 03/16/2013 – 03:27 – City: Coffs Harbour – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I note the death in Bowen Queensland in the last few days of 12012 Private Brian Sliep who served with 1RAR in Korea from 31 March 1954 to 26 January 1955. He was 78.

Brian served with me in the RAR Detachment at Watsonia in Victoria before going to Korea and I met up with him again in Townsville in 1967 and remained in touch with both him and his wife Ruth ever since.

Brian was an excellent soldier and a great bloke. May he rest in peace.

25632 Major Brian W. McFarlane
2RAR Malaya 1955-56
PIR Papua New Guinea 1963-65
6RAR Vietnam 1966-67
1ARU Vietnam 1970-71
GSO2(Ops)HQ 1ATF Vietnam 1970
# 207 – Brian McFarlane – 03/07/2013 – 11:34 – City: Bowral – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I must say ALL Australian soldiers I had the opportunity to meet and on some occasions work with I’ll aways remember as truly dedicated soldiers. My son now resides in Moriac, VIC with his Australian wife. My wife and I visit approximately every 2-3 years. We’re planning on another visit in November of this year (2013). Hope I’ll be able to meet some fellow Sky Soldiers while Down Under.
# 206 – William (Bill) Tucker – 03/04/2013 – 08:53 – City: Athens – State: Alabama 35613 – Country: USA

Hi I was in 1 RAR from 1976 – 1982, Mortar platoon. Everyone called me ANDO. I was saddened to hear of shotgun passing on.

# 205 – Danny Anderson – 02/23/2013 – 07:24 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Gday, Rufus here, DCoy, ACoy & Recon 83-94, well its great to be able to catch up & read your comments, im still in as are many of you, for the lads that are on Civ street hope your happy & succeeding…we’re from a great mob and did things that we should be proud of as young men, amazing toughness. Anyway, catch you on the flip side. Ruf
# 204 – Dean ‘Rufus’ Rule – 02/16/2013 – 11:00 – City: shellharbour – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I was in I RAR 76-82 alpha coy charlie coy and mortars support company.

Sad news about Shotgun and Billy Prior whos funeral I attended with Rod Engler.

You Can contact me at
# 203 – Danny Anderson (ANDO) – 02/12/2013 – 17:35 – City: Rasmussen – State: QLD – Country: Australia

I was a member of 7Pl Charlie coy from early 85 to the middle of 87, then Mor Pl till early 89.First time on this site, gave me goose bumps seeing images of all the boys. Does anyone know where “Notch” Borovac ended up? I would like to catch up with anyone who remebers me.
# 202 – Boyerhead – 02/09/2013 – 11:21 – City: Brisbane – State: QLD – Country: Australia

I am trying to find my uncle, Bill Long, served in Korea Dec 1955 to Mar 1956. Not seen since about 1973 so don’t know if he is alive.
# 201 – Andrew Long – 02/07/2013 – 21:11 – City: – State: WA – Country:

Hello All
I served in 1RAR from 1977-1981, 9PL C Coy and then Spt Coy Mortar Pl. Its been a long time since but many fond memories…
-Coral Day Parades!
-First Spt Coy deployment to Butterworth, 1980
-Mortars winning inaugural Champion Pl comp.
-Good Company and Friends

Banga, sorry to hear about passing of Shotgun Coghill…he and Terry Betts were my living-out flat mates in North Ward 78-79.
# 200 – Rob Parkin – 02/06/2013 – 00:33 – City: Perivale – London – State: – Country: United Kingdom

Looks as if no one has made an entry for sometime. Let me break the ice men. Here’s hoping for a brilliant 2013 for all and that our troops are safe doing what they do best. Good to see ‘Banga’ Cannon in the comments even though he was delivering sad news. Read your entries on the Regiment site too regarding the recognition for all of us who served at RCB. I have only recently been made aware of what has been going on. Let’s see what the change of Government brings later this year. Goodbye for now. Respect to all. Doogs. Pioneer Platoon & Charlie Company 1RAR. 1979-1983.
# 199 – Ian McDougall – 02/05/2013 – 14:23 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Haven’t looked at the site for a while, I served with 1 RAR from 1971 C Coy to 1982 Spt Coy. I was just browsing through some of the comments and was saddened to read Billy Prior ( was it Choka Prior CSM C Coy) passed away.
Andy Pring ! there’s a name I haven’t heard in a million years. Best years of my military life spent in the greatest Battalion.
# 198 – Bob Wilton – 01/27/2013 – 10:40 – City: Beechmont (near Canungra) – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Served 1974 1978 a coy went to Butterworth June 1975 any one from A coy at that time it would be great to hear from you regards toddy.
# 197 – Steve Todd – 01/26/2013 – 12:46 – City: Adelaide – State: As – Country: Australia

Hi All,
See below for the activities this year. Please note that the activities are subject to change but only slightly. The plan would be for every one to arrive on the 10th of May and we all meet that evening at the Jezzine Museum for a tour of our own Somalian Collection at the museum. JD and 1 RAR are compling our somalia room and we will have a view for three months.
At this stage the dinner on the evening of the 11th will be $70.00. I am in the
… process of arranging cheap accomodation but what I need is numbers who require accomodation. The Battalion are going to great lengths to make this occasion one of the best and welcome all of us back to the Battalion, the CO wishes to make this a 20 yr reunion that we will remember for a long time. As we get closer our website will be the main source of information . Regards VK

Broad Outline Of 20th Reunion of Somalia and Coral Day 2013 Sat 11 May 2013 1. Afternoon Proposal Interactive activities with members of the Battalion
CQB Drills on Grass parade grounds
Weapons / Support Coy Spec weapons
Current Equipment
WTSS practice
Live Fire Demo on 25m Range
Building Assault on MOE house, including LUEB Breach
2. Evening Dinner on the 1 RAR Parade ground
Attended by Somalia Vets and 1 RAR Officers and SNCO’s
Alcohol bar off to side of parade ground.
Supported by 1 RAR Band????
Sun 12 May 2013 – Coral Day
3. Morning
Coral Parade on 1 RAR Parade ground / 1 RAR band to support
3/4 Cav hold ground with PMV’s and form 1 x Division on parade
Gen Hurley Reviewing Officer, arrive M113
Blackhawk insert recon / snipers onto parade
Somalia Vets to present Medals and awards on parade to current soldiers on Parade
4. Midday
BBQ lunch at 1 RAR Soldiers VC Club for both Coral and Somalia Vets and families,
Bar will be closed.
5. Afternoon
Open Day activities, on Coy grassed parade grounds / Blackhawk on Coy grassed parade ground?
Jumping Castles / PMV rides / Mog Rides – as per format for Coral Day 2011
6. Late Afternoon / Evening
1 RAR Soldiers VC Club bar Open
1 RAR Soldiers VC Club bar Close
# 196 – Paul von Kurtz – 01/24/2013 – 14:19 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country:

I served in 1RAR from 1971 to 1973 with 4pl Bcoy and Mortar pl Spt coy with blokes like E.Brown,W.Altmeir,C.Rose,R.Mallick,J.Arena, Grilph Marshall,C.Johnstone,M.Myllymaki,
W.Newson,D.Dyce,J.Choyce,J.Trethaway and
Fred Dale to name a few.I ran into Chris Rose in Brisbane in the mid 70s also Mauri
Myllymaki who was heading home to Finland.
Been a long time no see.

# 195 – Ken OKeefe – 01/23/2013 – 23:48 – City: Kallangur – State: QLD – Country: AUST

i am a member of c/coy 8 platoon 65/66 an original body snatcher at the time i am printing this the snatchers are gathering at the rex hotel sa for reuniuon 18 jan this is the first time since vietnam they have united there will be photo shoot and notes placed in tpi mag and vetafairs mag ps 75% PRESENT OWING TO HEAL ETC
# 194 – graham dungey – 01/17/2013 – 14:58 – City: adelaide – State: sth australia – Country:

Hi Everyone I served with 2 Plt A Coy from Nov 73 to Apr 76. Great website.
# 193 – Robert Patterson – 01/16/2013 – 18:56 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country:

Tom Gosper here, Mortar Platoon 1RAR Vietnam 1965-66, anyone out there from that platoon?, am in touch with some of our mates, John Mcdonough, Fred Fanna, Bob Fox, Bill Richards, Tony Goodsell, Vince Jones, some have passed away, Billy Mortimer, Irish Fleming, Mick Moody, ‘Shorty’ Lyons, take care, Tom.
# 192 – Tom Gosper – 01/14/2013 – 07:43 – City: Campbelltown – State: NSW – Country: oz

Served with you in 1RAR in VIETNAM 65-66 in
ASSAULT PIONEERS Shorty. Never bloody-well knew your name was Neil though mate. It always was, and forever will be SHORTY to me
mate! Kindest reguards GOUBS
alias Ron Goubareff
# 191 – Ron Goubareff – 01/11/2013 – 15:05 – City: Devonport – State: TASMANIA 7310 – Country: AUSTRALIA

Merry chrismas mike and to all big blue one
# 190 – bob graham – 12/21/2012 – 18:57 – City: brisbane – State: QLD – Country: australia

hi all,
i served in 1rar from 1977-1981 with c company & spt company.

with great sadness i must inform members of the passing of RUSSELL COGHILL (SHOTGUN)ex 1rar c coy/spt coy 1977-1980 on the 29th of november 2012
# 189 – graham (banga) cannan – 12/10/2012 – 13:49 – City: esk – State: qld – Country: australia

Hi All, Ex B Coy 6Pl, Mortor Pl & Reccon mid 70’s. Remember it all like it was yesterday. Look forward to visiting this site on a regular bases.
# 188 – Fred Dale – 12/04/2012 – 21:01 – City: Churchill – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

just to let you know rod got hold of pepe thanks again. bob grham
# 187 – bob graham – 12/01/2012 – 09:04 – City: brisbane – State: QLD – Country: australia

My name is Laurence Weazel I served with 1RAR from 76/82. Last 3 years attached to Support Company in Sniper Recon Platoon with Sgt CROUCH,FURLONG,Badman,Meager,Petch,Cannon,Ryan Whitehead,Clarke,McMillan,McBETH,Nicholson. Looking to replace photo taken at Butterworth Air Base of Sniper Recon Crew beside F-111. my contact is
# 186 – Laurence WEAZEL – 11/25/2012 – 17:15 – City: Woorabinda – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Can anyone tell me if there is a 2 RAR history page while we were at Holsworthy 59-61 about the big route marches we did, I am helping a mate with his DVA claim.
# 185 – Bob Pringle 3/6562 – 11/24/2012 – 11:41 – City: Strathfieldsaye 3551 – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

For Rod Andrews – nice to see your message after all these years. I remember us doing some damage at the gold coast some time ago! Craig Youll is in Sydney these days – you will find him in Facebook.
# 184 – John McCausland – 11/20/2012 – 03:45 – City: – State: Wiltshire – Country: UK

many thanks rod
# 183 – bob graham – 11/10/2012 – 14:26 – City: brisbane – State: qld – Country: australia


Sorry. I thought my email address would be available to you from my previous message. My email is rdmurray46(AT) (Replace the (AT) with an @ for the correct address.) (to avoid spybots etc.)

Rod Murray
# 182 – Rod Murray – 11/04/2012 – 22:21 – City: Brisbane – State: – Country:


Pepe runs an email network for vets of the Battle of Coral. He communicates with several hundred of us almost daily. Send me an email and I will forward you his email address. (I don’t want to publish it on this page). I am sure he would be happy to add you to his contact list.

Rod Murray A company 1968-69
# 181 – Rod Murray – 11/04/2012 – 22:11 – City: Brisbane – State: – Country:

thanks mike much aprecited
# 180 – bob graham – 11/04/2012 – 17:15 – City: brisbane – State: qld – Country: australia

hi guys has anyone heard from pepe pengast or chislett 6pl b coy 1969
# 179 – bob graham – 11/02/2012 – 20:07 – City: brisbane – State: qld – Country: australia

Does anybody know the whereabouts of A.E.(Tony) McGowan- We were mates an awful long time ago and would look forward to catching up if at all possible. Anybody who could throw a light on the subject would be appreciated. I am available at the above email address, Cheers to all
# 178 – Bob Gunning – 10/31/2012 – 09:41 – City: Yamba – State: NSW – Country: Australia

There is not a day that has gone by since Shannon’s passing that I have not thought about him and his Mum. He touched my life for a short time, but also a lifetime. I am so proud of his Braveness in his Peacekeeping Roll. Am so proud that he helped others, brought happiness to them, unconditionally. Shannon, until we meet again, Thank You for helping to bring Peace to this World 🙂
# 177 – Mindi Hannaford – 10/12/2012 – 20:37 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Hey Esky,just saw your message, good to hear from you. you can get in touch with me via facebook.
# 176 – mike(roodog) Snee – 10/07/2012 – 14:06 – City: – State: – Country:

Gday Men, I’ll keep it short. Think serious before you reply. Who wants to go to Somalia ( Baidoa Airfield ) for ANZAC Day 2013? Expected duration 14 days(ish)

It will be 20 years since our deployment, we had an ANZAC Day there. More importantly I want to erect a Memorial for LCPL Shannon McAliney at BHQ and recognise our service in the doa’.

I need serious numbers and serious commitment, I am working out the financials now so dont piss around with it.
Get real with it of get lost as I don’t have time to entertain wannabe’s.


How many Somali vets does it take to change a light bulb?

# 175 – Jake Minton – 10/05/2012 – 16:08 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Just back from a week of catching up with fellow members of the Batallion down in the Barossa Valley. Bill Smidmore, Danny Cocks, David Leslie, John Vickers and myself. Not seen these guys for more than twenty five years but by God we have only changed in physical appearance. Attitudes and respect for the Batallion and Regiment as strong as ever. Thinking of doing the Gold Coast next Grand Final weekend. Doogs.
# 174 – Ian McDougall – 10/05/2012 – 09:07 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Australia

I am looking for any photos of my late father Corporal Peter Vandenberg.Service No-37399.He served in the 1RAR from 27/5/1965 to 1/6/1966 on HMAS Sydney to Vietnam.Then he served in the 7RAR from 8/4/1967 to 1/10/1967 in Vietnam.I noticed you have a band photo 1RAR on your homepage; he was in this band but I dont know which one is he.He also trained in both puckapunyal and holsworthy and also as a medic.I would greatly appreciate anyones input.

# 173 – Julie Bartlett ( Vandenberg) – 09/27/2012 – 13:03 – City: Maryborough – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I refer to entries 163 & 76 finally touched base with former Sgt Gary Pope. Anyone know the whereabouts of Sgt Ron Thompson my Sgt 1972 A Coy & 2Lt Craig Youll, assistance appreciated.
# 172 – Rod (Andy) Andrews – 08/29/2012 – 19:00 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Doing some research on 3RAR 68. Have a few photos by a Pte soldier (dad!) I’d like to ID location, should be possible. He was with A Coy who was at Coral during the fly-in and just off to the west during the first attack. Have a feeling the images are from there, was wondering if anyone who was there might eb interested to have a look. Not sure how to arrange contact, can;t see a ‘contact us’ link on the site. Cheers
# 171 – Luke – 08/29/2012 – 13:10 – City: – State: – Country:

Was with 20 Plt E Coy in 1964- 65 when disbanded to make up A Coy 5 RAR. My fondest memories of service were with 1RAR and the mates you served with. Cheers to all still going strong.
# 170 – John Miller – 08/26/2012 – 20:36 – City: Adelaide – State: Sth Australia – Country: Australia

Jim Irvine died suddenly on 18 August 2012 at Pandanus Park FNQ. 2Lt J.F. Irvine served with 1 RAR in SVN from May 1965 to Jun 1966. Could anyone tell me if Jim was RA Inf or RAAOC during the tour in SVN please?
# 169 – Paul Asbury – 08/22/2012 – 11:25 – City: – State: Queensland – Country:

I served with 1RAR from 1969-1973 served in Malaya 1969 till they closed the camp at Terandak then served in Singapore till 1971
i thing we are the missing link as nothing is mention about the troops there
# 168 – Alan Murphy – 08/16/2012 – 18:51 – City: Brisbane – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

I am trying to locate Craig Leggett regarding “Wake up time”. My friend has recorded a song from that era and would like to forward his CD to Craig.
Would appreciate your help. Thanks Regina.
# 167 – Regina Daly – 08/10/2012 – 16:17 – City: Merbein – State: VIC – Country: Australia

To all of the Big Blue One; it was the best of times; we are, and always will be one big family..

I was fortunate to be with the Battalion from 79 to 86, most of that time in Charlie Company. I was saddened to hear the recent loss of Billy, a great charter – a loss.

I hope that the years have been good to you. On ANZAC day I caught up with a C Coy mate who I have not seen in 30 + years. It was a good day.

If you get the opportunity, drop a line it’s good to keep in touch.

Best Regards Tony Moore
# 166 – Tony moore – 08/08/2012 – 16:21 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Hello all,
shocked to hear the passing of Billy Prior i served with him in 7pl c coy,1977 to 1981.
Had some great times together.
# 165 – Leon Gillam ( flo) – 07/21/2012 – 16:04 – City: Burnie – State: Tas – Country: Aust

G’Day gents i am trying to contact anyone from 1RAR that was involved in an exercise in New Zealand in FEB 1979 “Southern Safari” as i need information in respect of an accident that occured there and 1 RAR’s deployment to the exercise.
I am an Advocate representing a member of 1RAR in this matter and my email is please contact me ASAP
# 164 – Peter Beauchamp – 07/18/2012 – 09:11 – City: Brisbane – State: QLD – Country: Aust

I refer to my original comment entry No 76 can anyone assist me with Sgt Gary Popes contact details plse

Rod (Andy) Andrews
# 163 – Rod Andrews – 07/16/2012 – 09:41 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

1RAR 1988 – 1995
D Coy & Recon Pl.
with a detachment to FCU-UNTAC, unfortunately when Somalia came around, loneliest day I can ever recall for many of the dozen or so lads from 1 who were also stuck in country, trying to convince the signals headshed to let us come home so we could deploy with our unit & all our mates.
Jim Hammet, my mate always. Heads up to Flev (Nathan Fleury), Shannon Brown, Camel, Droff, & so many more.
Here’s to Seathy & Binga’s, salt of the earth, may the be at peace.
# 162 – Allen Pawley – 07/11/2012 – 09:31 – City: Berwick – State: VIC – Country: Australia

1 RAR 1977-1984 A Coy/C Coy Admin Coy,Best times ever with great friends.RIP Billy Prior.
# 161 – Noel Green(Greeny) – 07/07/2012 – 18:46 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Hey roodog long time no see. I am still alive (just) and kicking hope all is well with you.I have seen Mick Horsbourgh in years he was in Melbourne last time we spoke.Anyway hey to all who were in bravo comp from84 to 86
# 160 – Esky Sims – 06/21/2012 – 00:30 – City: – State: NSW – Country: Australia

My father served over there. I use to have pics of him standing on the Imijin River.
His Name was William John McIVOR. WO1.
# 159 – Christine McIvor – 06/20/2012 – 12:16 – City: Broken Hill – State: Nsw – Country: Australia

Tom Gosper here,Mor. Pl. 1 RAR Bien Hoa 65-66, i,m in touch with some mates from 1st tour, anyone else out there?, am at
# 158 – tom gosper – 06/16/2012 – 05:24 – City: campbelltown – State: nsw – Country: oz

Served in 1 RAR 1973 – 1976. Great times in a great unit with the best of mates. Retired from the Signal Corps as the XO of 7 Sig Regt in 2008.
# 157 – Peter Conway – 06/10/2012 – 17:38 – City: Gympie – State: Queensland – Country: Australia
Hi there, I’m the mum of a 1RAR soldier on heavily involved with Soldier on. we are a charity set up to support Defence servicemen and women with both mental and physical wounds as a result of contemporary conflicts.
Could I ask your members to go to our FB page and like the site, the more likes the more chance we have of corporate sponsorship. Please help spread the word
# 156 – meredith Lane – 06/07/2012 – 19:22 – City: canberra – State: ACT – Country: Australia

Hey Roodog! Bloody hell mate was talking to Greg Myers (Tex) the other day and the great times we had at Singo and 1RAR,
Hope all is well ! Send me an email so we can catch up\ has to have been 25 years hey? Email is
# 155 – Tony Ellem (Elbow) – 06/05/2012 – 17:22 – City: Brisbane – State: Queensland, Australia – Country: Australia

I am the webmaster of and also a volunteer on the website I am looking for a veteran who states “I turned 21 the day he (WILLIAM JOHN LA GRAND) was lost. Serving with 1 RAR / 173rd Abn Bde on that day at Bien Hoa. I was helping to protect the air base he took off from on his last flight. The veteran is Carey McQuillan. We are hoping that he also may have remembered Richard C. Marshall who flew out with La Grand. MIA Marshall’s son is looking for a veteran who might have known his dad. I started out working with Friends of the Vietnam Veterans with Corky Condon and for the past 19 years having been helping with connections. I also have been recognized by the Australian Artillery Vietnam Award Of . Please if anyone knows of this veteran, could you please help me to contact him. Respectfully Sharon Denitto
# 154 – Sharon Denitto – 06/03/2012 – 07:31 – City: Gorey, County Wexford – State: – Country: Ireland

G’day to everyone in the Big Blue One, I served in 1RAR from 1974 to 1978, C Coy 1974 to 1976, then to Spt Coy. finally of to SASR. My best days were in 1 RAR. The comradeship was second to none, and I have nothing but fond memories of Townsville and 1 RAR. C Coy was a top bunch of blokes, who stuck together ,worked hard and played hard. All the best to all the blokes 1974, 7 Pl, C Coy.
# 153 – Michael (Mick ) Connolly – 05/27/2012 – 13:11 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: Australia

I was a member of D Company 1RAR from 1966 to 1968. Although I did not get to Vietnam, with the passing years and increasing health problems, my thoughts often go back to my time way back then with 1 RAR. The great mates I had but unfortunately never kept in touch with or lost contact with. Blokes like Bob Towns, Ernest (Ned) Kelly, Bill Dobush, Richo and others their names unfortunately I cannot recall at this time. It would mean so much to me to be able to renew a friendship with anyone that wished to do so. To all 1RAR members & Veterans past and present I pass on my best wishes. Take care. Best Regards, David
# 152 – David Nestor – 05/20/2012 – 21:22 – City: Ballarat – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Hey good to hear old names like “doc Pepper” we were in malasia together in 84 i was in recon pl, when you were in pioneers,your parents found my wallet when i dropped it in the boozer !
# 151 – mike (roodog) snee – 05/13/2012 – 00:38 – City: vasse – State: wa – Country: aust.

Good to see young (constant harrassment)Ellem on the site,i’ll always remeber our times at singo. and 1rar. good times!
# 150 – mike (roodog)snee – 05/13/2012 – 00:24 – City: vasse – State: wa – Country: aust.

Hi Glenda Miller,
If you can contact me at
re: Stanley Buttenshaw.
3 of his sisters and 1 brother still alive.
Thank you.
# 149 – chris coutts – 04/28/2012 – 16:46 – City: Tugun – State: Qld – Country: Australia

I was a Private 314935, in 1 RAR from early 1972 to August, 1973. West to SASR at this time. Lt Col Blue Hidgkinson was CO and WO1 Jack CURRIE was RSM. I was in C Company and Supt Company, Sig Platoon. Peter BEAUM (spelling?), Mick OLSEN (real good mate from Yapoon), Tom TUCKER, etc, were some very good mates of mine. Will say more later.
# 148 – Andy PRING – 04/28/2012 – 03:44 – City: 53 Mindarie Drive, Quinns Rocks – State: WA 6030 – Country: Australia

Hi Glenda Miller,
My daughter found this website while looking for information on Stanley Buttenshaw who was killed in the Korean war on the 12/8/1952.
He was my mothers brother, so sad a loss at such a young age, I wish I could have known him. Would like to contact you if I could.
# 147 – Chris Coutts – 04/25/2012 – 14:24 – City: – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Will never forget my time with D Coy and Recon Pl 89-93. Miss my old mate Jim Hammett. No prouder moments than donning ceremonial gear and trouping the colours. Fond memories thanks 1 RAR
# 146 – Nathan Fleury – 04/24/2012 – 22:53 – City: Gold Coast – State: – Country:

My father Gerald Joseph Miller was a member of 2/1 during the 2nd world war and was a POW for nearly 2 years, just wondering if anyone still remembers him
# 145 – William Miller – 04/24/2012 – 18:57 – City: St Georges Basin – State: NSW – Country: Australia

m a ex member of the 1/19th battalion in the 80,s and just wanted to say well done on the,website.
# 144 – Adrian schlieper – 04/19/2012 – 14:58 – City: Sydney – State: Nsw – Country: Australia

Enlisted 1970 posted to 1RAR 1971 to 1980. Served C Coy, A Coy and Sig Pl Spt Coy. Retired from the Army in 2006 as the XO of the WO&NCO Academy Canungra. My fondest memories are of my time in 1RAR and the great times and mates.
# 143 – Bob (Robert) WILTON – 03/30/2012 – 07:48 – City: Beechmont (near Canungra) – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Looking to re connect with Tony McGoeown. We were recruits and corps trainees together. Have not seen Tony since 1962/63. Would be great to again say g’day. Any assistance please advise to above email. Cheers Bob Gunning
# 142 – Bob Gunning – 03/14/2012 – 15:46 – City: Yamba – State: NSW – Country: Australia

Served with the 1st Battallion Royal Australian Regiment 77-80. went to Malaysia 78 with c coy, mates called me Brauny
# 141 – Dennis Braun – 03/14/2012 – 13:09 – City: Katherine – State: N.T – Country: Australia

I would like to get in contact with the NSW Association Secretary, as I would like to discuss next year, being the 20th Anniversary of the deployment to somalia.
# 140 – Desmond Green – 03/06/2012 – 08:35 – City: Lake Munmorah – State: NSW – Country: Australia

god bless you all and dont let airhead and fender belly on the circle program get to you ,my family love you all
# 139 – william hastie – 03/02/2012 – 09:01 – City: singapore – State: – Country:

My son is a cadet, I was ex reserve 3FF Intelligence, I am a current serving VICPOL Detective with 23 years experience. I am proud to support your battalion.
# 138 – Adrian Smith – 02/27/2012 – 01:11 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

hello fellow diggers.
my father lance corporal william charles rowe served in the vietnam war in the period of 27-05-1965 / 23-07-1965 service number 214313 unit 1st battalion of the royal australian regiment..he contracted malaria and was sent home…my father passed away when i was a small child and im trying to find what ever i can of my father whilst in the army…photo’s would be lovely as i dont have any…if any of the diggers from my fathers squad remembers my dad or have any photo’s i would be so happy…u can contact me on
thank you to everyone that could help me in my search…
# 137 – anne rowe – 01/31/2012 – 18:01 – City: warrawong – State: nsw – Country: australia

Great site.
My father Henry Miller(Harry)served 1 RAR Sig Pl HQ Korea & 2 RAR B Coy Malaya – Best mate Stanley Buttenshaw 1 RAR Infantry KIA.
” Never to be Forgotten ”
“Duty First ”
# 136 – Glenda Miller – 01/27/2012 – 21:46 – City: Sydney – State: NSW – Country: Australia


I am ex 8 RAR (Malaysia 68/69 & Vietnam 69/70) ARA,WO2 ARes & VP Beaumaris RSL. We are currently doing a display on Korea and I am trying to source an RAR Badge with the ‘KING’s Crown’ to be authentic. If anybody can get their hands on one I would be eternally grateful.
Kind regards,
# 135 – Grant Coultman-Smith – 01/27/2012 – 10:46 – City: Beaumaris – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Hello my Ausie friends. It has been a long time. I was at Baidoa with you guys! I was with around 8 other Americans with the Communication rigs and helped most of you guys make your calls home. I would love to hear from any of you guys. My e-mail is
# 134 – Gregory S. Hall – 01/16/2012 – 18:10 – City: Printer – State: Kentucky – Country: United States of America

Good to see so many old names still getting around, brings back a lot of good memories of my time in 1RAR., from1980 to 1986. Hope to read more comments, good health to all, cheers Mark
# 133 – Mark Fergus – 01/14/2012 – 16:03 – City: Rockhampton – State: Q L D – Country: Australia

Fmr member 11pl Doy Coy 1Bn
G’day old dog’s and trusty sidekicks. Great to finally get some downtime to trawl thru innumerate threads on this site / related forums. Just a quick note to let everyone know still hounding and pounding streets of ole Sydney town – thoroughly enjoyed reunion in ’08 looking fwd to next shin dig. always up for a laugh and a lark on Anzac Day and lament about days gone by – much the embellishment that goes with it. Finally, it would be remiss not to encourage everyone to toast our fallen, lost and broken mates where ever they now be – and moreover when they happen to enter the fore of minds. Til next we meet may the wind always be at your back and the road ahead rise up to meet you. Never truer words were ever uttered as much the dcoy motto “deeds not words” but sometimes it’s good to say your piece. a little poignant but I reckon though we somalia vets are few that have supped from the same cup – be safe in the knowledge there are many that envy what we have seen and done. I for one am proud of the footprint left of our combined efforts re op solace / unisom I &II / restore hope and of the units and the wider defence networks achievements since. tough as old rusting roof nails is a label i am happy to bear ….beats any other tokenisms simply put the job got done right the first time (satisfaction enough by my standards) as it has and always does when the ‘big blue one’ is asked to enter the fray. Keep safe lads atleast til last drinks are called.. Is it wrong to still miss langs. Mad cow crowd wouldn’t know the half of it – thank god walls don’t speak is all I can say. Sincerely, Mags & family.
# 132 – C.B. McGARRITY (mags -456069) – 01/10/2012 – 00:11 – City: Sydney Region – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all current and former members of The First Battalion, RAR, and their families and loved ones, a very safe and happy festive season. May 2012 bring much satisfaction to all our lives. Doogs.
# 131 – Ian McDougall – 12/21/2011 – 07:08 – City: Toowoomba – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Congratulations! Excellent site. I am the widow of Dave Haines 1RAR 59-66, Malaya, Vietnam, 9RAR 68-70 retired 1988.
I am also the secretary of 1RAR Assoc. Qld Branch and would like to invite past and present diggers to join and get acquainted with new and old friends.
# 130 – Beverley Haines – 12/10/2011 – 10:21 – City: Brisdbane – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

Gidday All,
I served in 9PL CCoy Jan 84 -Jan 86 , 7Pl CCoy Jan 86 – Dec 88
Thommo, its bloody sad Billy Prior passed away, was in 7Pl with him, top fella. Good to se a few old names in here, HAve some of the best times in my life in 1RAR
# 129 – Tony Ellem (Elbow) – 12/07/2011 – 21:45 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Was in D coy 1989-1991, part of the winning DOG squad in 1990. Great to see photos of myself and my old mates. Great site, keep up the good work.
# 128 – Corey ‘Ranks’ Rankin – 12/05/2011 – 13:01 – City: Sydney – State: NSW – Country:

Saddened to read of the passing of Billy Prior. I served with him in Pioneers and was very much part of his wedding down in Ayr. Rest in peace brother. Thanks for the information Thommo.
# 127 – Ian McDougall – 11/28/2011 – 07:11 – City: Toowoomba – State: Qld – Country: Australia

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Spent a year with the Herd in Okinawa at Camp Kue, then left with the Expeditionary Force on March 27, 1965, for Bien Hoa Got busted for being drunk & disporderly in Saigon in May, and was sent to A-Company, 1st Bat, 503d Inf. as a diciplinary action. This lead to me being attach3ed to a really gung-ho platoon of Sgt Akuna!!!
Thje n the war began.
Humped the D-Zone (Hill 65), Parot’s Beak, Hobo Woods (spider holes & tunnels), Dak To (Hill 865 & 840), Dak Poko Valley, Ia Drang Valley (Hill 875, 880, 860), Barria (massive tunnels), Kontum (1st liberation from NVA ever, followed by rebuilding of both schools and hospital!), Pleiku 1&2 (massive NVA assault on hill-top LZ), and countless nameless villages throughout the South.
Made 6 in-country jumps… 2 with significant incoming from Charlie on the ground… (God bless em’)

Few realize that the Herd was the very first to Recon the Central Highlands, and the infamous Ia Drang Valley.

As miserable as we all thought it was at the time… the bush is the only place where many of us ever really felt important, and most of all… needed.

America will never be the same… a place where heroism has been surplanted with greed… and brotherhood no longer exists.

Sgt. Willy Slee
# 126 – Willy Slee – 11/28/2011 – 00:24 – City: st. petersburg – State: florida – Country: usa

Hi All
Great site
Served 1RAR 81-92 95-2000
For those who new Billy Prior
7 Pl C Coy and Pnrs sadly passed away.
# 125 – Pita Thompson – 11/26/2011 – 09:33 – City: Townsville – State: Qld – Country:

I served in C Coy 7pl 1RAR from Apr 71 to Jun 72 as a National servicemen.
I was the Machine gunner in the Section.
I enjoyed my time in the Ballalion
I re-enlisted in Jan 73 into Ordnance and ended up doing 20ys 6 mths.
All up I did 22yrs service

Whilst I was in Townsville in 80 to 83 I visit my old battalion a few times and it brought back good memories.

# 124 – Steven (Steve) Cruden – 11/23/2011 – 12:22 – City: Leda – State: West Aust – Country: Australian

Been a few years since I last called in to say “hello”. Time to catch up with what is going on
# 123 – Cyril “Doc” Rice – 11/16/2011 – 10:46 – City: Gympie – State: Qld – Country: Australia

i am looking for details of the army service record for a school friend of mine named bevan turner originally from kyogle nsw
# 122 – John & Gay McDougall – 11/15/2011 – 16:07 – City: Aspley – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

Hi There, great site!
I am looking for information on my wifes great grandfather, John Greenshields. I know he was part of 2/1 battalion and was discharged in October 1945 and I was wondering if I could get any information of his service history.

Thanks a lot
Dave Palmer
# 121 – David Palmer – 11/12/2011 – 00:18 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: Australia

To Andrew Weightman I sent you an e-mail and i don’t know if you have received it as yet, or you can e-mail me on from Kevin Egan(EAGS)regarding the info i need. Thanks Mate. Also anyone know a bloke Nairn Bristow-Smith
# 120 – Kevin Egan(eags) – 10/26/2011 – 09:47 – City: brisbane – State: qld – Country: Australia

G’day all, I served in 9Platoon Chuckles from 75 -77. Love the mighty 1RAR.
# 119 – John Abbott – 10/22/2011 – 17:57 – City: Aspley – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Eag,s,if you p.m me at .Ican give you Bill Garretts(lizard)contact det,s he was probably there.
# 118 – weighty – 10/21/2011 – 20:26 – City: NAIRNE – State: S/A – Country: AUS

Eag,s,if you p.m me at .Ican give you Bill Garretts(lizard)contact det,s he was probably there.
# 118 – weighty – 10/21/2011 – 20:26 – City: NAIRNE – State: S/A – Country: AUS

Good to see some ld names on the book Thorpy, basher , dougal and probably others Ive forgotten good times
# 117 – Denis Glacken – 10/20/2011 – 18:41 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country:

served 1Rar 77-81 Bcoy then aslt pnrs looking for anyone in b coy at that time,when we did an exercise in New Zealand and due to a bad accident a soldier from 6RAR(PR) was killed when he was run over by a APC. Anyone who remembers this ,please can they contact me and i’ll explain why i need some information.
# 116 – Kevin Egan(eags) – 10/18/2011 – 15:13 – City: brisbane – State: qld – Country: aust

first off I am not infantry I had a friend des penn with you in 65,and another friend jamie plowman in 68/69.I had RAEME friends with you at Coral. D Coy 6 RAR have been honoured with the Gallantry Medal I believe it is your turn,Coral was bigger, went longer, more troops involved, more enemy casualties. I am not sure of yours.The precedent has been set and your Unit deserves recognition as much as 6rar.thanks
# 115 – JACK R TATTIS – 10/16/2011 – 18:52 – City: logan city – State: qld – Country: australia

Served in B coy 1980-1983 with Mark Hill ,D.falkner,Billy.Garret,Ben.Mcenzie ect good times,re-joined 2006 at 44 did four years as a parachute rigger now a gunner with 16 alrgt
(16 air def rgt)-good site!!
# 114 – ANDREW WEIGHTMAN – 10/11/2011 – 20:06 – City: NAIRNE – State: S/A – Country: AUS

Hi ,
I was in the armed forces from 1963 to 1973.
Stationed at Moorebank, NSW a a parachute rigger.
Would like to contact Neville Dummett.
Nev, if you see this get in touch hey.
Rick Orlik
# 113 – Rick Orlik – 10/08/2011 – 17:25 – City: Adelaide – State: SA – Country: Australia

Just went through Townsville brought back a lot of good times 1 RAR 79 to 85 had a couple of beers at the old haunts
# 112 – Denis Glacken – 10/02/2011 – 06:35 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country:

A good interesting read and many memories returned. I first jopined 1 R A R in 1963 and then went to 4 RAR.; but I did return to B Company in 1967;after service with 4R.A R.Ihave MANY very fond memories of my service and the men who served along side me.I also have fond recall of Septimus, who we had to pass on our way back to our lines from theb boozer.
# 111 – Lex Eather – 09/01/2011 – 19:54 – City: Sydney – State: N.S.W. – Country: Australia

I enjoyed the read. Thanks for this magnificent post
# 110 – lolita – 08/31/2011 – 04:49 – City: – State: – Country: United States

I am looking for a member of 1RAR C Coy in Vietnam 1968. Linton was his first name, he was wound in the foot at FSB Coral on the first attack, I think he was an admin clerk and his surname could have been Sammual’s. I lost contact with him after returning from Vietnam. His wife was named June and they lived in Ambon rd Holsworthy. Love to make contact with him. Cheers
# 109 – Neville Wortlehock – 08/28/2011 – 17:28 – City: Narrandera – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I served with 8 RAR in 1969/1970 and only recently became aware of the fact that Dal Abbott’s sacrifice had not been recognized on the honour roll at the War Memorial. I am shocked at that omission, a sad reflection on the division in the community at that time.

Congratulations on your work to honour your Battalion.

# 108 – John Cooper – 08/22/2011 – 17:57 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country:

Vietnam ’65-’66 – 173D Airborne and 1 RAR (various – mainly A Coy rifleman and sig), Bien Hoa.

Glad Tiny Parker and FIVE others were finally brought home – well done, AUSTMIA (Jim Bourke and crew). YOU are heroes, and this story must NOT be allowed to be forgotten.
# 107 – Colin rayfield – 08/14/2011 – 17:56 – City: Brisbane – State: – Country:

An excellent site for a excellent unit. I was with Recon Platoon 1st Battalion 503rd Abn Inf. from 64 – 66. I will always remember with a great deal of fondness and respect the men of the 1st RAR. I swear you guys could drink more beer then us, and I would have thought that impossible! It was an honor to have fought by your side.
Bob McCarty
# 106 – Robert McCarty – 08/09/2011 – 01:42 – City: Lago Vista – State: Texas – Country: USA

grate web sight keep up the good work
# 105 – TONI VIERITZ – 08/05/2011 – 07:11 – City: brisbane – State: queensland – Country: Australia

Good to see Bravo company again, stumbled across site by chance, Kenny Snell #90 saw your comment, I’m in touch with a few blokes from 1RAR, few have died over the years, So if you read this get in touch at and we’ll have a yarn, warmest regards Palms.
# 104 – John Palmer – 07/14/2011 – 11:17 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Australia

I noticed the name Ian McDougall on the guestbook page. I was wondering if you are the same Ian who went to Cavendish Road High School in Brisbane and shortly after joined the Army. If so, please contact me at Thanks, Gary Johnson.
# 103 – Gary Johnson – 07/12/2011 – 02:49 – City: Los Angeles – State: CA – Country: USA

I’m looking for information my farther and his unit. His name is David Wilbert Denny of Lismore NSW. Dad passes away a few years ago.

Stories I heard from relatives was that he and his unit crossed the Kokoda Trail.

I would welcome what ever information you can provide.

Peter Denny
A very proud Aussie living in the USA
# 102 – Peter Denny – 06/30/2011 – 03:29 – City: Minneapolis – State: Minnesota – Country: USA

we were recently in Toowoomba, Qld at the Miltary Museum in Milne Bay and in the Vietnam War section they had the names, photos and info on the 521 diggers who died in Vietnam. For a donation you can put a poppy next to the name and photo of a person you would like to.
a number of months ago i asked 1RAR why Dal Abbott’s name was not on the Australian War Memorial’s list, i was told his family has refused this. remembering this when we saw Dale’s name and photo we couldn’t help but put a poppy next to it.
hope we haven’t offended any of his digger mates but to us it is one of the saddest stories we have heard.
may Dal and all 521 RIP
Lest we forget

bob and dorothy duke
# 101 – bob and dorothy duke – 06/17/2011 – 16:38 – City: narromine – State: nsw – Country: australia

I have just spent a very delightful afternoon with Mike Waldron. Mike very kindly assisted me with information I was seeking on a family member who was in the 24th Infantry East Sydney Regiment who then joined on the 17th August 1914 B Company 3rd Battalion 1st Brigade AIF. Thank you Mike
# 100 – Chris Hodge – 06/16/2011 – 17:59 – City: Wangi Wangi – State: NSW – Country: Australia

Hello Steve Wyatt. ‘Doc’ Pepper has my email and we have been in touch. I have the details of the reunion in October and it sounds like something that I will be working to get to. The PNG trip well I’m having a laugh about it as I compose this post! Hope to see you and many more in October.
# 99 – Ian McDougall – 06/15/2011 – 11:43 – City: Toowoomba – State: Qld – Country: Australia

looking for any information and photos of Private Lawrence Rodney Sheppard.
He served with 1RAR vietnam and was killed in action 13th May 1968 at the Battle of Coral.
A treasured family friend whom we have been trying to find army photos of for sometime, if anyone can help or has any information we would love to hear from you.
# 98 – andrea sutton – 06/13/2011 – 20:19 – City: sunbury – State: vic – Country: australia

completed iet training in the battalion in 75 got out in 1986
# 97 – TONI RICHARD VIERITZ (BASHER) – 06/11/2011 – 08:32 – City: brisbane – State: qld – Country:

Gladys Bak the incident could have been in 2003 at a place called Gleno.
# 95 – Michael (Doc) Pepper – 06/06/2011 – 16:39 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Ian Mcdougal I still keep in touch with a few old mates from back then. I was in 10 Pl 83-85 then PNR Pl 86-90. Just email me with your contact details.
# 94 – Michael (Doc) Pepper – 06/06/2011 – 16:35 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Australia

My father Geoff Buckland served in 1RAR in Vietnam 1965-66. I believe he was an assault pioneer. He passed in 2001 but always spoke about his army days as some of the best days of his life. I’d be happy to hear from anyone who knew him.
# 93 – Linda Howse nee Buckland – 05/16/2011 – 16:53 – City: Canberra – State: ACT – Country: Australia

G’day to all the ex Somalia team great site, takes me back a few years. Served 15 years in total, 91-96 with the big blue
-Duty First
# 92 – Brendan Hughes – 05/03/2011 – 16:22 – City: Perth – State: WA – Country: Australia

Served in 1RAR 1979-1983. 9 Platoon Charlie Company and Pioneer Platoon Support Company. Been reminicing of late and came upon this great web site and plenty of fond memories come flooding back. Had a very tumultuous life since the Army days and would very much like to re-kindle friendships long forgotten from those times. If anybody from those days reads this and remembers me or others from then could you please respond. Never regret the six formative years I had in the Army. Wish I was eighteen again!
# 91 – Ian McDougall – 04/29/2011 – 10:28 – City: Toowoomba – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Great site – brought back a lot of memories, did’t think we were that young!
Ken Snell
1RAR 86-94 (Fiji, Somalia)
# 90 – Ken Snell – 04/28/2011 – 22:25 – City: Canberra – State: ACT – Country: Australia

Served with 1RAR 1968-1971, 1972-1978, 1984-1986 great memories and made some great mates
# 89 – Dennis (Shorty) Rawlings – 04/25/2011 – 15:54 – City: Townsville – State: Qld – Country: Australia

my father, pte Roland (ron) Johnson enlisted on 11/6/51 and served in Korea from march ’52 until march ’53 with the 1st battalion, the royal australian regiment. he was a rifleman in the infantry, and i am looking for any person who served with him or remember him from his time in the army. he was discharged in 1963. his claim to fame from his time in korea was shooting himself in the finger with his own gun. i have not seen him since 1961, and i recently discovered he died on 10/10/2001. any information about him or his time in service would be greatly appreciated, as i have noone to regale me with tales of what he was like. pls email me at if you can help me. thankyou
# 88 – robyn johnson – 04/22/2011 – 13:25 – City: melbourne – State: victoria – Country: australia

Former Op Solace burnout seeks same!
# 87 – Hindle, D.A. – 04/20/2011 – 01:05 – City: – State: Western Australia – Country: Dear Ol’ Oz

I like the site and all the coments.

3PL 7Sec A Coy 1965 to 1966
# 86 – Perry(spedy)Mifsud – 04/19/2011 – 14:14 – City: Adelaide – State: S.A – Country: Aust

Very Good website. Served with ASSAULT PIONEERS 1965-1966 1RAR and ASSAULT PIONEERS 1969-1970 8RAR in VIETNAM
# 85 – Ron Goubareff ` Goubs` – 04/17/2011 – 15:24 – City: Devonport – State: Tasmania – Country: Australia

My grandfather William Taylor was AIF 527. With Anzac Day looming, despite the fact he returned home a broken man who NEVER spoke of what the war, after (according to my fathers only discussions with him) seeing his mates decimated in front of him in his first battle, we are honoured and proud to carry his name. I married a decedent of a Gordon Highlander lost in Burma. Our daughter has a proud heritage. LEST WE FORGET.
# 84 – Kylie Patricia Taylor – 04/13/2011 – 21:13 – City: Moree – State: NSW – Country: Australia

Served 1972-1982,great time and mateship.Sad news 24/3/11 Vic Svenson laid to rest today,he was somebody we all looked to for advice.Great to see names from Spt Coy of that era.Contact 0747230485.Hooroo
# 83 – Jock McQuaker – 03/25/2011 – 18:48 – City: Townsville – State: Qld – Country:

My grandfather was a 1st Bn digger
6789 HW Riches.

If any one has any info I would love to recieve a copy of it.

Thanks Ret VV
# 82 – Pete Riches – 02/28/2011 – 23:04 – City: Nanango – State: Qld – Country:

Great site however the third image in the thumbnaled images titled “On board HMAS Tobruk” is actually the flight deck of HMAS Jervis Bay.
# 81 – David Dyer – 02/25/2011 – 11:26 – City: Sydney – State: nsw – Country: Australia

Got your site from one of the mechanics from the 118th Assault Helicopter Co (Thunderbirds). I was the Opns Officer of the 118th from Oct 1965 to Nov 1966. Flew some of you guys back in Nam. I also remember some of the officers visiting the 118th villa on Cong Le street. It was pretty much universal that the T’Birds loved flying missions for you guys.
# 80 – Ted Jambon – 01/25/2011 – 07:29 – City: Baton Rouge – State: Louisiana – Country: USA

G’day all, I served with the Big Blue One from ’75 – ’80, then again from ’88 – ’90. A great Bn, and full of great memories. Fond regards all, Nev Dummett
# 79 – Neville Dummett – 01/10/2011 – 15:23 – City: South West Rocks – State: NSW – Country: AUSTRALIA

My uncle George Charles Garlick VX6341 served in the 2/1 battalion and I was wondering if there are any photos of him out there

Thanks Jim
# 78 – james keenan – 01/07/2011 – 11:07 – City: launceston – State: tas – Country: australia

On searching for a friend on Facebook your website came up and I was sad to discover the passing of SGT Grahame Roach. What I am looking for is to make contact with my friend his wife Maree Roach and would dearly love to catch up with her. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

# 77 – Suzanne Johnstone – 01/01/2011 – 00:46 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Great site congratulations to all concerned joined 1RAR 70-72 A Coy, went to Conagra and New Guinea best years of my life met great guys like Mark(Stevo)Stephens,Greeny, Rod Shelton, Col Bishop, Glen Barlow, Sgt Thommo,Lt Youll, Capt McCauslen?, Lofty Awage, Hawkshaw,and of course my mentor who put me on the right path of life a great man Sgt Gary Pope, would love to catch up, if anyone can put me in touch or vica versa

# 76 – Rod (Andy) Andrews – 12/18/2010 – 14:39 – City: Melbourne – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I am looking for anyone that may have known my uncle Bob Wagenaar 1RAR 4Plt A Coy who served in Vietnam 1968/1969. Unfortunately he was killed 1969 short after returning from his tour of duty. I have no photos of Bob during his time in service and was hoping one of his friends may have a photo of him in uniform.
# 75 – Michael Olson – 11/27/2010 – 06:34 – City: London – State: – Country: United Kingdon

god bless the big blue one
hey to all the b coy boys somalia
# 74 – john (ned) kelly – 11/23/2010 – 16:44 – City: perth – State: wa – Country: australia

My great great Uncle John Gibson Schipp served with the 1st Battalion during World War 2 and was kill in action at the battle of Eora Creek
# 73 – Jeremy Schipp – 11/22/2010 – 21:54 – City: Grafton – State: New South Wales – Country:

great site,served c coy 9 platoon 9 sect 1974-1978
# 72 – darryl stewart – 11/13/2010 – 14:17 – City: melbourne – State: vic – Country: aust

I’m looking for Lt Sam Sherrin he was1RAR Bravo Coy until 2008/2009. i have an email address but I don’t know if it’s current…
# 71 – Meegan Chadwick – 11/10/2010 – 20:37 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Australia

I was the PL SGT of 6PL, 05-06, SECDET 8 (Aug 05-Mar 06) and Timor(again)with the on-line Coy (Sep 06-Dec 06). I have spent time in 8/9, 10IRC (Canungra), 2RAR, Pioneer sect. But my time in 1RAR was my most memorable and satisfying. Duty First.
# 70 – Matt Evans – 11/04/2010 – 10:19 – City: Gold coast – State: QLD – Country:

It saddens me to hear of the loss of our Diggers in Afghanistan; you are all doing a fine job and I for one continually pray for your safe return to your homes and families. God be with you all.
My condolences to the families who have lost a loved one in this terrible campaign.

I am looking for members who served in 1RAR 1976/1982 who know me, particularly looking for Graeme Furguson, Mike Downing, Blue Taylor, of C Coy.
Cheers to those who maintain this site, WELL DONE!

# 69 – CHRISTOPHER JOHN NICHOLLS – 10/25/2010 – 13:03 – City: – State: Qld – Country: Aust

I am a 3 Cav vet from 67-68 and a Niece in-law is looking for info on her father, Private Michael Sergeant from 1 RAR. Believed to have been WIA sometime in 1968. Any info would be appreciated.
# 68 – Brian Thomas – 10/24/2010 – 22:26 – City: Adelaide – State: – Country:

A very good web site.
Best Battallion in the Army.
5pl B Coy,1967-1969
# 67 – Frederick Blunden – 10/17/2010 – 19:16 – City: Panama City – State: Florida – Country: United States

Looking for ya boys who served with me in Somila 1RAR…..
# 65 – Dusty Miller – 10/03/2010 – 14:30 – City: cairns – State: qld – Country: australia

Looking for a lost friendship.1RAR Townsville 1977-1980 (approx) Anthony (Tony) Cooper. We became friends after he had a motorbike accident and spent time in Townsville Hospital.
# 64 – Karen – 09/19/2010 – 15:25 – City: Rye – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I joined 1Bn in Korea in 1954 to 1956 in D Company after service in Japan at Haramura.
My brother was CSM at Kure
Upon return to Australia was trainor for 12Bn National Service at Holdsworthy then transferred to 3Bn for Malaya 1957-59
# 63 – Bruce Askew – 09/10/2010 – 15:05 – City: 6 Ridgemont Close, Wset Pennant Hills – State: NSW – Country:

i’m looking for a copy of the video of the anniversary of coral balmoral in 86 or 87,i was in recon platoon at the time and we rapelled out of the hueys for the battle re-enactment at night.
# 62 – mike(roodog)snee – 09/10/2010 – 00:21 – City: busselton – State: wa – Country: australia

My Dad (Geoffrey W. Whiteman)was a POW, taken at Retimon aerodrome, Crete & then sent to germany untill 1945….I have a diary, photos, many postcards & letters sent home from various camps inside germany.
Is anyone interested in comparing material or needing copies for historical purposes.
# 61 – Raymond G.Whiteman – 09/01/2010 – 13:28 – City: Toowoomba – State: queensland – Country: Australia

To those who may remember. I served with C Coy 1974/78 before being posted to the 3rd Battalion. We were suppose to go to 2/4, but another paper work stuff up and we were sent to 1RAR. We only got as far as the guardroom at 2/4. The next dat day we were introduced to LCpl Shorty Clements, kitted out and sent to high Range for two weeks. Climatisasn they called it. Met with with my sect Cpl Ian Dow and Pl Sgt Alf Chisholm. Had some of the best days of my life with the First Battalion. Cheers
# 60 – Bert Willmott – 08/07/2010 – 09:43 – City: Perth – State: Western Australia – Country: Australia

Yeah was with 11pl DCoy up on SAS hill 68-69
Mick Barret was the skipper. Alot of shit went as usual—-but hey! I was in good company. Like to hear from anyone same same. Cheers Jock wilson
# 59 – Bob(Jock) Wilson – 08/07/2010 – 08:30 – City: Perth – State: W.A. – Country: Aust

D Coy 1955-56 then to Kure for a while.
Great site and a lot of memories.
# 58 – Ed (Junior) Cowley – 08/02/2010 – 20:35 – City: Adelaide – State: South Australia – Country: Australia

Sorry to post twice but forgot to post email. Trying to get in contact with bill perkins and rest boys of C Coy from Somalia. email @ or look me up on facebook and leave a message
# 57 – jason flatley – 07/26/2010 – 13:00 – City: mackay – State: qld – Country:

Section Commander in C Coy Malaya (based in KK)
Pl Sgt in D Coy (Old Holsworthy)
Then went to Portsea OCS.
2LT with Ord Det in 1 RAR Gp in Bien Hoa
# 56 – Edward (Eddie (ED) Simpson – 07/26/2010 – 11:00 – City: Melbourne – State: Vic – Country: Australia

was in 8pl ccoy 1rar somolia the one that got shot to shit in ambush looking for contact with all the old boys you know who im talking about
# 55 – jason flatley – 07/24/2010 – 11:46 – City: mackay – State: qld – Country:

Just wanted to fly the flag for “Bravo” (The hated). Rhode’sy if your out there give us a call. Same for Lewie and the other boys of 9 sec, 6 Pl
# 54 – Hindle, D.A.W. Pte 556415 “Op-Solace” – 07/19/2010 – 18:48 – City: Albany – State: Western Australia – Country: Dear Ol’ Oz

Jock Downie,

Would you make contact with me please..Bob Re Malaya
1959-61 and Sodioum Arsenite.

Bob Pringle
# 53 – Bob Pringle ex 2RAR 59-65 – 07/14/2010 – 10:25 – City: Strathfieldsaye 3551 – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I was 7 Pl C coy Sig in malaya where I served from 1959-62. Sgt Keven Conway taught me morse code and I Became C Coy Sig. Curly O’Brien was the other Sig. I transferred to RAASC in 1963. I served in SVN Nov 1967-Nov 1968. I was the R&R sgt at Tan Son Nhut I now have both legs amputated through diabetes
# 52 – Norman(Jock) Downie – 07/09/2010 – 15:13 – City: Canberra – State: ACT – Country: Australia

I was 7 Pl C coy Sig in malaya where I served from 1959-62. Sgt Keven Conway taught me morse code and I Became C Coy Sig. Curly O’Brien was the other Sig. I transferred to RAASC in 1963. I served in SVN Nov 1967-Nov 1968. I was the R&R sgt at Tan Son Nhut I now have both legs amputated through diabetes
# 52 – Norman(Jock) Downie – 07/09/2010 – 15:13 – City: Canberra – State: ACT – Country: Australia

# 51 – Ray[rannie]Rann – 07/04/2010 – 09:08 – City: Brisbane – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Call for historical information: 7/8/9 Platoons, C Company, 1 RAR are beginning a research project into their histories. If anyone out there can provide help to them, we would appreciated it very much. ‘Stay Loose’ Its the C Coy Way
# 50 – William Millar – 06/30/2010 – 18:05 – City: TOWNSVILLE – State: QLD – Country: Australia

My Great Grandfather John Berkeley service number 492 was stationed at Victoria Barracks from around 1869. At the time of his death in 1886 he was Quartermaster Sergeant 1st Regiment V.I. Could anyone please advise how I can obtain his service history? I know he went to the Sudan in 1885 and was a bugler in “A” Company. Thanks John
# 49 – John Meier – 06/27/2010 – 18:52 – City: Sydney – State: NSW – Country: Australia

From one of Lou Brumfield’s Pony Soldiers, 65-66: we all know there is really only One Battalion in the Royal Australian Regiment! Best wishes to all who serve and have served in 1RAR.
# 48 – Neville Modystack – 06/27/2010 – 15:11 – City: Herberton – State: Qld – Country: Auatralia

Nudge Malone thank you for your reply re Brad Murtagh (Murts) 1RAR Op Solace it was appreciated .

Jim Murtagh
# 47 – Jim Murtagh – 06/23/2010 – 19:24 – City: bendigo – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I am in Prince Edward Island and have met a yank who was a USAF dog handler whist 1 rar was attached to the 173rd. He met with you blokes and has very fond memories, probably on the piss. He had a German Shepard,”Sam”.
His name is Austin Maclin and now lives at PEI just down a few mile from Anne of Green Gables.
I will see him tonight and tell him I have passed his name on to you lot.

# 46 – Roger Mika – 06/21/2010 – 23:03 – City: Lake cathie – State: NSW – Country: Australia

i am looking for anyone who served with or knew my father roland (ron) johnson who served in korea from april ’52 until march ’53. he was a member of 1st battalion, rar. i have had no contact with him since august 1961 when i was 2, and i would love to know if he is still alive. if anyone has any info they can email me at . this may be my last chance to find him.
# 45 – robyn johnson – 06/21/2010 – 12:45 – City: rasmussen, townsville – State: qld – Country: australia

Can anyone help?

I’m trying to find the history behind the names of the platoons of C Coy. I can’t remember the nickname for 7PL, but 8PL is Bodysnatchers and 9PL is the Lepers. I vaguely recall 9 PL got that name from being left outside the Horeshoe in Nui Dat although I could be wrong. Can anyone shed some light?
Trying to keep the history alive in the present day C Coy.
# 44 – Brett Starkey – 06/19/2010 – 10:35 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Australia

My wife and I are visiting Vietnam in August 2010 and following in the footsteps of a former school fried John Milton Rands. john was killed in action during operation Goodwood, Bien Hoa Province, 12th December 1968 17:45 hours. If anyone has information regarding the incident we would apprecaite any comments or feedback. Our plan is to pay our respects to John while in Vietnam.
# 43 – Michael Rabey – 06/18/2010 – 16:45 – City: Canberra – State: ACT – Country: Australia

Posted a notice re Ross Smith and no result, anyone out there Thai/Malay Border Ops 61-63 have any knowledge of being in area where Sodium Arsenite had been used would you reply,,apparently an R/O was issued about the danger of this chemical and
ingesting same. Anyone has knowledge of these Vets that died from Prostate Cancer, I
need any info that may help in W/W claim.
# 42 – Bob Pringle ex 2RAR 59-65 – 06/10/2010 – 17:02 – City: Strathfieldsaye – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

Jim Murtagh i was in 10 plt when murts was in 12 i come from eaglehawk and he was a Bendigo boy.Im sorry to hear of his passing.I will try to get in touch with members of his plt.
# 41 – nudge malone – 06/08/2010 – 11:47 – City: Townsville – State: qld – Country:

Does anyone have any news about the rifle company Butterfield 1970-1989, a friend of mine was there during that period, i heard or read there was something happening about a tribunal or something to do with that period, any info would be appreciated, Tom.
# 40 – Tom Gosper – 06/05/2010 – 18:04 – City: Campbelltown – State: N.S.W – Country: god’s country, AUSTRALIA

I was commander 9 platoon C Company SVN Just touching base
# 39 – Geof Jackett – 05/29/2010 – 21:49 – City: Auckland – State: – Country: New Zealand

Would like to here from any diggers who served with my son R/No 330356 Cpl Bradley Dean MURTAGH
who served in D Coy IRAR Op Solace Somalia ,Brad passed away last year after a 4 year battle with lukeamia leaving a wife and young daughter he was a good bloke we all miss him very much he rarely spoke much about his deployment to Somalia
# 38 – Jim murtagh – 05/27/2010 – 15:05 – City: Bendigo – State: Victoria – Country: Australia

I’m looking for anyone who served with Ross Smith (dec) on the Thai/Malay Border 60-61 as I am assisting his widow Vicki with a War Widow Claim. I am also interested in anyone that has a memory of Arsenite Sodium
used on rubber plantations (there was an R/O
to that effect). Ross was later 2RAR. Died
from Prostate Cancer 2004, no service SVN.
Hope someone can help..Regards Bob
# 37 – Bob Pringle ex 2RAR 59-65 – 05/04/2010 – 17:44 – City: Strathfieldsaye – State: Victoria – Country: AU

I was in 1 RAR 1952-1954 (Korea A Coy 1954) 1954)and again 1957-1961 (Malaya Sigs 1959-1961)
# 36 – Ron Douglass – 04/28/2010 – 20:16 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Australia

I am the nephew of NX5063 Sgt. David John Williams
“happy” Jack Williams one of ‘Catterns mob’ who was KIA at Sanananda/Soputa at the big fig
tree on 21 Nov.1942. My father was NX4976 Owen
Joseph Williams 2/3 Btn.
Lest we Forget
# 35 – john williams – 04/24/2010 – 21:43 – City: Bathurst – State: New South Wales – Country: AUSTRALIA

I am so proud of my Dad’s little bro Pte.Jack Menvielle 2/1 AIF.Died New Guinea Aitape 15/4/45 just 22 years old.Great to see Jack’s photo on this wonderful web page. Your spirit has lived on forever, Love you Uncle Jack – RIP.
# 34 – Denise Kinmond – 04/24/2010 – 20:35 – City: Lake Macquarie – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I was in First Battalion from 1972 to 1975.
Hi Fred, I remember you Fred Dale we were in Recon plattoon together.

Regards Tim
# 33 – Tim Freeborn – 04/21/2010 – 19:43 – City: Cairns – State: QLD – Country: Australia

I served in the battalion 76 – 85, and when I retired in 98 as a WO1, men come up to me and say what was your first unit, I say to them the First Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment not 1 rar.
I try to keep in touch with the battalion buy trying to send a email or telegram to the battalion every Coral Day, but I can not find the email address of the battalion, can anyone help me.

Thank you
# 32 – Andrew Jamieson – 04/19/2010 – 08:00 – City: Narrandera – State: NSW – Country: Australia

I’m looking for…any Australian survivors of the Korean war that served in the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. More precisely from 1954-1955 who may have served with or know of my step farther,

Private Maxwell Joseph Harrison of the
Corps : Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Unit : 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

I have 4 original photo’s of him over there the main one is him sitting on the 38th Parallel Marker. I have since been directed to two more that the Australian War Memorial site. I’m mainly after any other photo’s of Max be it by himself or with others as I wish to make an album dedicated to him.

Thank you.
# 31 – Chris Lutschini – 04/10/2010 – 15:21 – City: Newcastle – State: New South Whales – Country: Australia.

Seeking help from any member who served in East Timor either 2000 or 2003 with 1 RAR..not sure of date/year of incident….who may recall an incident involving a russian helicopter on landing killed a local village boy.
# 30 – Gladys Bak – 04/06/2010 – 15:26 – City: Cootamundra – State: NSW – Country: Australia

An excellent site. In my 37 years Army service, entailing numerous postings, my year with 1RAR as Unit Stretcher-Bearer Sgt in Korea (Mar 52 – Apr 53) (The Forgotten War), was to me a memorable occasion. To all members of 1 RAR, past @ present, I wish you well @ may the ‘green light’ be ahead of you at all times.
# 29 – Harry Brayley – 04/04/2010 – 10:46 – City: Adelaide – State: S.A – Country: Australia

I have injoyed going through this web site thanks for your hard work. I served with the Big Blue 1 69 to 71 C Coy. If anyone remembers me drop me a line
# 28 – Joe Farrugia ( Tommo) – 03/30/2010 – 13:56 – City: Melbourne – State: Vic – Country: Australia

Looking for David Sim he served with me in the 1st/19th before going to 1RAR then onto Somalia. We have a 100 year celabration of the Wagga Wagga Docker street Depot 12th June. I hope to let him know.
Great site well done and thanks for any help.
Mark Hoskinson
# 27 – Mark Hoskinson – 03/21/2010 – 15:02 – City: Kikoira – State: NSW – Country: Australia

i was Support Company 1 RAR 1971 – 1977
If you remember me send an Email
# 26 – Fred Dale – 02/25/2010 – 13:20 – City: – State: – Country:

1 rar 65/66
# 25 – john huigens – 02/06/2010 – 08:16 – City: bribie island – State: q – Country: aust

Thanks Tom enjoyed the site hope that a few more get to sign up I was with pnr pl 65-66 i will keep in touch regards srorty
# 24 – neil (shorty) Mclena – 02/01/2010 – 11:27 – City: WOLLONGONG – State: NSW – Country:

Vietnam 65-66 Mortars, am in touch with a few of the Blokes from that period. Have not been right into the site yet but looks good so far. Cheers
# 23 – Tony Goodsell – 02/01/2010 – 08:57 – City: Albury / Lavington / Gods Own – State: NSW – Country: Australia

Was in 1RAR 1961 to 67.
In Vietnam D Company 1965. I am in comtact with a few of the 1RAR members who were in Vietnam in 65 and the Battallion prior to that.
# 22 – Ron Kelly – 01/31/2010 – 20:05 – City: St Marys – State: NSW – Country:

Great to see you young??, guys getting interested, Tom , Vietnam 65-66, spread the word ,take care.
# 21 – Tom Gosper – 01/31/2010 – 06:53 – City: Campbelltown – State: N.S.W – Country: god’s country, AUSTRALIA

Hi there Dick Johns, you might not remember me, i was 1st Bn Mortars 63-late 66, how are you?, are you in touch with Toddy Smith?, i ran into him years ago at Coff’s Harbour, have heard nothing since, bit of sad news, Bluey Hush has passed on, also Fergie Ferguson, take care, Tom.
# 20 – Tom Gosper – 01/31/2010 – 06:36 – City: Campbelltown – State: N.S.W – Country: god’s country, AUSTRALIA

You can’t help but feel proud, looking over the pics of Somalia. My old mate’s MORTs and Paul Slattery (More like an Adopted Brother really) and Kim Felmingham whom I met later on at Kapooka;Serving their Country so proudly. God Bless You all both Ex-Serving and Still Serving Soldiers of the 1st Battalion. LYNCHIE
# 19 – Liz Ovenden (Nee – LYNCHIE) – 01/30/2010 – 22:26 – City: Muswellbrook – State: NSW – Country: AUSTRALIA

Hi John Dean,
Browsing the Web Site and came across your name and just want to say hello and all the best.Served with 1Bn.from 1959 to 1965 Mortar pl.Then went to the Tigers.
# 18 – Richard (Dick) Johns – 01/30/2010 – 10:47 – City: Fairy Meadow – State: NSW. – Country:

Thanks Mick I hope David “Blue” Beynon has since spoken to you???
# 17 – Black Jack Doulis – 01/28/2010 – 16:48 – City: Erowal bay – State: NSW 2540 – Country: South Coast

The site looks great, well put together, good seeing some old faces from somalia on here.

Hope to one day catch all at the 20th reunion

col reeve
ex recon
# 16 – Colin Reeve – 01/27/2010 – 20:17 – City: Cronulla ,Sydney – State: NSW – Country: Australia

This is a very well put together site. I congratulate all involved. Great to see the First Battalion has this site, need more people to use it. A good place to catch up with the old and bolds of the Somalia Trip. I would also like to wish good luck and best wishes to all the Officers and Soldiers of the 1st Battalion. (Past and present)
# 15 – Jon Daniels (JD) – 01/27/2010 – 15:19 – City: Townsville – State: Qld – Country: Australia

A great page on Somalia, you covered everyone, which is rare when you look at some other sites. I was the ASM at the BASB and we were proud of what we did. Even though we were only few in number, we felt that we contributed as well. I have moved to the USA, long story.

Phillip King
# 14 – Phillip King – 01/26/2010 – 23:49 – City: Newport – State: Rhode Island – Country: USA

This is a very well put together web site. I congratulate all involved. Great to see the Big Blue 1 deploying to the hot spots, need more of it! Wish i was 18 again, i be back in the Battalion as fast as i could. I would also like to wish good luck and best wishes to all the Officers and soldiers of the 1st Battalion. (Past and present)

Best Regards

# 13 – Mark Thorp – 01/26/2010 – 22:37 – City: Branxton – State: NSW – Country: Australia

This is a really good testament to all diggers that have served in the best Battalion the BIG Blue One. Were Blue because were Blue, because Were Blue.
Service 1990 – 1997 186440 Cpl S J Goodwin

# 12 – Sidney Goodwin – 01/26/2010 – 20:56 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Australia

Great site! Served in the Big Blue One August 88 to January 94. C Coy & Admin Coy. Hi to all current 1 RAR members & ex Somalia Vets. Cheers LC
# 11 – Steve Littlechild – 01/26/2010 – 20:12 – City: Townsville – State: QLD – Country: Australia

I was wondering where the Bill Charlton came from who wrote the Vietnam diggers poetry as I have friends who turned his poetry into songs and was also wondering whether it might be possible to get high resolution images of some of the group photos? I am particularly interested in the Somalian group photo.
# 10 – Lynette Hughes – 01/21/2010 – 22:29 – City: Kempsey – State: New South Wales – Country: Australia

Great To see photo of 1RAR Band it brought great memories back I was with the band from 1957 to 1962.
# 9 – John M Nicola – 12/30/2009 – 03:37 – City: Brisbane – State: QLD – Country: Australia

Gidday Tommy Gosper. Will get in touch when Mike fwds email address. Cheers
# 8 – John Dean – 12/27/2009 – 10:20 – City: Cairns – State: Qld – Country: Australia

to John Dean, have asked Mike to send my email address to you, i’m in touch with about 8or9 guys from mortars our tour, hope to hear from you soon, take care, Tom.
# 7 – Tom Gosper – 12/27/2009 – 06:22 – City: Campbelltown – State: N.S.W – Country: god’s country, AUSTRALIA

Well The Big Blue One First To Fight The Pony Soldiers , I was proud to be there even as a rio from 2RAR and only serving 9 months in all of the above names 11 pl Delta known as Doc
# 6 – james [jim] francis cole – 12/22/2009 – 20:21 – City: karama – State: nt – Country: australia

Like the layout. Well done. Served with “The First of Foot” [The Big Blue One sounds too bloody American for my taste] 65/66 as Sgt, Mor Pl – D Coy MFC, and 74/75 as OC D Coy and OC Admin Coy.
# 5 – John Dean – 12/22/2009 – 16:17 – City: Cairns – State: Queensland – Country: Australia

Keep up the good work Mike, I am proud to have served in “The Big Blue One” from 1958 to 1969 and 1976 to 1978 in all ranks through to WO2 leaving me with a mountain of freinds and great memories to last a lifetime.
# 4 – Graham Crick – 12/22/2009 – 12:46 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Orstrailya

served with 1RAR Vietnam 65-66 mortar pl. hope you get more people in guestbook.
# 3 – Tom Gosper – 12/22/2009 – 08:21 – City: Campbelltown – State: N.S.W – Country: god’s country, AUSTRALIA

like what i see. keep going. how far back are you going. i was in malaya 60-61. about time someone did the whole lot. regards to the big blue one.
# 2 – Joe – 12/19/2009 – 13:22 – City: Darwin – State: NT – Country: Australia

Very good. Keep up the effort.
# 1 – Ian – 12/07/2009 – 17:57 – City: Brisbane – State: Qld – Country: Aust