rifle _303

A 1 RAR soldier, 116351 Private G R Leader was killed on the 21st December 1983. His Father, an ex-serviceman had a replica of a .303 SMLE made and mounted on a plaque in memory of his son. The memorial plaque was presented to 1 RAR and was displayed in the Sergeants Mess in a place of honour.

1 RAR was deployed to Somalia (with short notice) on the 24th December 1992. A Brigade rear details group secured the Battalion area and it was during this period of time that the memorial plaque disappeared. All inquiries have failed to discover the culprit or the plaque.

Mr. Leader (Father) is now in his 80’s and is desperate to recover his son’s memorial plaque. If anyone knows of this item or can supply any information please contact me. I am prepared to travel anywhere to retrieve this item and will guarantee complete anonymity to that person. “No names-No pack drill”

Mike Waldron