TIMOR 2003

2003 1rar

The Battalion Group, which is the eighth Australian battalion group to rotate through East Timor, assumed responsibility for security operations on Saturday May 17th from Darwin-based 5th/7th Battalion Group, which had served since October 2002.

The 1RAR Australian Battalion Group (AUSBATT) includes soldiers from:

· 1RAR:
· three rifle companies,
· administration company,
· support company

· 3 Combat Service Support Battalion (3 CSSB),
· 4 Field Regiment,
· B Squadron 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment,
· 3 Command Support Regiment (3CSR),
· 3 Combat Engineering Regiment,
· Military Geo-spatial Information detachment from the 1st Topographical Survey Squadron
· 4 Military Police Company and their military working dogs, and
· a Blackhawk detachment from 5 Aviation Regiment.

The Battalion Group also has a Health Supplementation Team who comes from the 3rd Combat Support Hospital at the Royal Australian Air Force base in Richmond.

The Battalion Group of approximately 750 soldiers represents about 25 percent of the total UNMISET Peace Keeping Force. AUSBATT will continue to operate with a fully integrated rifle company of Fiji infantry who have served with their Australian Peace Keeping counterparts since late last year.